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Words For Traveler And Discoverer!!! PLEASE, ayudame! :(?

I'm looking for a word (preferably if it's uncommon or weird or whatever) that means Traveler and another word for discoverer. It's and assignment due tomorrow and it's like Sojourner Truth, Sojourner is short for another word (i forgot) that means traveling, and Truth for TRUTH!! :D She chose that nickname because she actually traveled and spread the truth to slaves and ppl!

Even though Sojourner means traveling, i can't use it 'cause it was the example my teacher used so i need another word! please help :(


and i want these words to make them into names for me 'cause i like traveling and discovering!

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    A dictionary of synonyms is very help-full (see Google research)

    Guest, synonyms

    bedfellow, boarder, caller, client, companion, company, customer, ephemera, frequenter, habitué, inmate, lodger, mate, out-of-towner, partaker, patron, recipient, renter, roomer, sharer, sojourner, tenant, transient, vacationer, visitant, visitor


    adventurer, barnstormer, bum*, commuter, displaced person, drifter, excursionist, expeditionist, explorer, floater, gadabout, globetrotter, gypsy, haj, hiker, hobo, itinerant, jet-setter, journeyer, junketeer, migrant, navigator, nomad, passenger, peddler, pilgrim, rambler, roamer, rover, sailor, seafarer, sightseer, tourist, tramp, transmigrant, trekker, tripper, trouper, truant, vagabond, vagrant, voyager, wanderer, wayfarer


    innovator, inventor, pioneer, revealer, spotter, warner

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