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Which QB will be taken first NEXT draft?

Keith Price or Matt Barkely

BQ:Who has the bigger upside?

BQ2:Who looks more NFL ready?

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    At this point, I see three possibilities:

    1. Matt Barkley out of USC

    2. Aaron Murray out of Georgia

    3. Tyler Wilson out of Arkansas

    All of these guys are coming out next year and are considered top QBs. Tyler Bray out of Tennessee could be an option as well, but I see him going back to school. After these top 3 guys, I see a huge drop off to the fourth guy, Landry Jones, who would be the 5th best QB if he came out this year (behind Luck, RGIII, Tannehill and Weedon). There are a few guys about equal to Jones as well.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    examine in on countless the pro scouting reviews (they're actual attainable on the internet) and you wil see that Tebow isn't a tremendously seen NF prospect. Of the scouting bureaus that rank all draft eligible gamers (seniors, juniors and redshirt juniors) the right 2 gamers are far and away Bradford and Stafford. After those (the two are rated as suitable of the draft cloth) right here couple of contain in debate however the utmost rated on maximum reviews are Sanchez and/or Tom Brandstater. McCoy asked for a professional evealuation till now finding out despite if or to no longer return to college and maximum bureaus had him as a 4th around prospect (comparable as Tebow). that's easily no distinctive than whilst Troy Smith became into all the trend with NFL wannabe draftniks who had him because of the fact the #a million universal %. (close...5th around and NFL afterthought). Tebow has severe questions approximately his means to bypass with the aid of progressions and his footwork is seen very below known. His arm power isnt interior the elite type (very close inspite of the undeniable fact that) yet his accuracy is seen known at terrific by utilising NFL criteria. So reckoning on if the two Stafford and Bradford declare (the two nonetheless own college eligibility) it would remember on which guy impresses scouts with the "different" info as the two grade particularly close in means set. Stafford has been stated in some reviews as having a Marino/Elway arm and is seen somewhat extra desirable at progression reads so he could have a reasonable side suitable now.

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    Can we not get this draft over with 1st? Its tough because anyone can stink in Senior year and slide. It also depends on who has the top picks and the needs they have. I say Barkley atm, but he's about as good as Tannehill.

    BQ: Barkley

    BQ2: They both arent ready to start, if you take one 1st overall your going to need patience.

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    Matt Barkley has the bigger upside and is more NFL ready

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  • 9 years ago

    I say barkley but its way too early to tell,, I bet a suprise guy steps it up this year

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    with the first overall pick of the 2013 draft the colts select Matt Barkely

  • Bob
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    9 years ago

    I say Matt Barkley, he was supposed to be in this years draft as the 3rd best qb. I'm sure he will do good in his senior year and then get drafted #1.

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