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Please answer?! Easyjet problem?

Ok, so I booked a flight for myself and my three children on Easy Jet. Now I need to add someone else to my bookking but I cannot work out how to do it... I need an answer asap as last time I checked there were only 3 free seats left on the plane...



The extra person is a 13 year old..

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    Just make a separate booking for the person involved, but make absolutely certain that when entering his/her first and last names they match exactly with their passport. You can still travel as a party, as EasyJet don't allocate seats as a general rule*. In order for you all to sit together you need to ensure you are well positioned in the queue at the boarding gate.

    * EasyJet are currently operating seat allocation trials on a number of routes out of Luton for which there will be a charge between £3 & £12.

    Edit - Just seen your add on. You could try through "manage bookings" on EasyJet home page but I don't think it will allow you to add a name to the booking. Alternatively, phone customer services in the morning on 0843 104 5000. Good luck.

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