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I'm very confused about this 'One World Trade Center' building?

When did construction begin? Is the building really being constructed where the World Trade Center towers were attacked on 9/11? If so, why didn't I see construction when I saw the 9/11 on tv last year in 2011.

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    I too am interested and wish to know as I have heard nothing of what is happening there.


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    One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower) Construction started - April 27, 2006, Yes, The One World Trade Center is located at the site where the old twin towers that got destroyed on September 11th. The Holes where the Twin Tower stood are now Memorial Pools. The One World Trade Center will Official open in 2014.

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    Construction on One World Trade Center began back in 2006. The Tower is being built where the original 6 world trade center stood. The Two Memorial pools are built in the exact footprints of the twin towers.

    When you saw the memorial last year on September 11, you couldn't miss 1 Wtc, it was about 76-80 stories tall.

    As of now, it's on the 100 floor. New Steel will be erected to form the towers 101, 102 floor. The Building will be finished in 6 weeks, open in the Spring of 2013 and 104 stories tall.

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