A major that will help me get into med school?

I am going to go into a premed program, hoping to eventually become an OBGYN. Schools suggest that you major in something you love, not just biology. I love nursing, and have about 14 credits already from nursing classes I took through JMU when I was in high school. Some people say though that being an RN actually decreases your chances when applying to medical schools. Is this true?

I love nursing, but I don't want to be a nurse for forever. A main reason why I wanna major in it, is so that incase I don't get into medical school the first year or two I apply, I can till make some good money being a nurse and help me pay for college and not go in major debt. But if I do this will it screw me when it comes to medical school?

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  • Buddy
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    8 years ago
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    People who say nursing decreases your chances of getting into med school are usually clueless or jealous. There are several great doctors who have been RNs. They have the advantage of experience, communication skills and a flexible schedule with good pay to finish the necessary classes with a good GPA to take the GMAT and to look good in the selection process. Some have managed to work and go to med school. They have also formed mentoring relationships with physicians they have met during their work experience.

    Some admission panels even favor the RN since they have seen the bad side of patient care and still want to continue in medicine.

    But, if you are really serious about being a doctor, just concentrate on a science degree which will help you pass the MCAT.

  • Debra
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    4 years ago

    The question is whether journalism is considered an academic major which qualifies for medical school, rather than a pre-professional major for the profession of journalism. For example, English certainly qualifies as a major for admission to medical school so long as the applicant has taken the required pre-med classes. I would ask the admissions departments of several medical schools.

  • 8 years ago

    No Major will "help you" get into Medical School, though some will facilitate pre-med courses more than others.

    What you should do is take a Major that offers good career prospects in case you don't make it to med school (about 80% of pre-med students don't make it).

    Chemical Engineering and Bioprocess Engineering are two majors that both facilitate pre-med courses and lead to good fallback career prospects.

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