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All of the following were reasons for interest in colonization EXCEPT

Choose one answer.

a. to achieve political gains.

b. religious freedom.

c. overcrowding.

d. get rich quick.

Descartes believed

Choose one answer.

a. that truths had to be demonstrated physically.

b. that Newton was wrong.

c. that nature operated in a random manner.

d. in using only known facts to arrive at conclusions.

In Ptolemy’s geocentric universe,

Choose one answer.

a. the world was round.

b. the Earth was the center of a group of planets.

c. the Earth was the center of the universe.

d. the sun was the center of the universe.

Lavoisier proved that

Choose one answer.

a. matter can change shape or form, but cannot be created or destroyed.

b. matter can be created.

c. matter can change shape and can be destroyed.

d. matter cannot change shape.

Mercantilism held that countries should

Choose one answer.

a. not be involved with economy.

b. evenly distribute wealth to their people.

c. develop wealth within themselves.

d. do all they could to increase wealth.

Natural philosophers

Choose one answer.

a. based study on religious teaching and classical literature.

b. believed in finding answers through observation of nature.

c. taught that humans have an instinctive answer to natural questions.

d. believed in a spirit in all living things.

Philip II lost the Netherlands for all of the following reasons, EXCEPT

Choose one answer.

a. he taxed the Dutch to pay for Spanish wars.

b. he eliminated Dutch self-rule.

c. he enslaved Dutch people.

d. he persecuted Calvinists.

Portugal’s explorations were inspired by

Choose one answer.

a. Vasco da Gama.

b. Bartolomeu Dias.

c. Prince Henry.

d. Ferdinand Magellan

The Columbian Exchange was

Choose one answer.

a. exchange of cultures between America and Europe.

b. a peace treaty between Spain and native Americans.

c. trade between America and Europe.

d. exchange of goods between Italy and Spain.

The Treaty of Tordesillas

Choose one answer.

a. gave Portugal the rights to Brazil.

b. divided New World trade between Italy and Spain.

c. divided Columbus’s wealth between Italy and Spain.

d. divided New World trade between Portugal and Spain.


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