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Nutritional truths (FDA)?

So I recently read an article that beaver anal glands help enhance artificial raspberry and is usually used int perfumes and food products. Is this really true? Also, if it is true how come it's legal?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    I think the first answer is unfairly biased.

    While its true that there are a lot of "gross" things in our food and cosmetics, they are not harmful. The FDA is there to make sure manufacturers aren't putting drugs or poisons into our products. Beaver anal glands are used in the perfume industry, but they are not harmful to us. It sounds gross, but its not like they are crushing up the glads and putting them in your perfume bottle, they extract specific chemicals that the glands produce and everything is purified before it is used to make anything.

    Also, those beaver glads are VERY expensive and the bugs Starbucks uses are not the cheapest alternative. Its not like they are mashing up bugs and putting them in your coffee, again they are only using certain chemicals that the bugs happen to produce. They could do the same and spend less money but this is a more environmentally friendly alternative.

    What we should be worried about are the things like trans fat and high sugar content, those are the things that are going to kill us!

  • Tink
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Quite frankly....I don't care about beaver anal glands. Sure, it's icky. Whatever. I'm more concern with crap like BHT, and BHA which don't even have to be labeled in the ingredients and which are pretty well known for causing things like cancer.

    If you don't ever want to eat something that is merely "icky" than you better plan on always growing your own food.

  • 9 years ago

    There are a lot of disgusting secrets in the cosmetic and food industry. Case in point, the recent bugs used to enhance the color of Starbucks coffee. These businesses find the absolute cheapest materials to put into their products so that they can maximize their profits.

    Much of this is from the doing of the "higher ups" ie CEO and so on. They want the biggest pay check they can get and the investors want the biggest increase they can get. As a result all morals are cut off and financial gain is put above all.

    Furthermore, a lot of this information is kept secret for a reason; it is moral and absolutely distressing. The businesses form large groups within their industries, they will hire lobbyists to take to and make huge donations to congress men (both state and federal) to influence their decision making on bills that they both write and choose to pass. These bills are kept rather quite and allow the businesses to do as they like.

    The FDA works in another fashion, they allow the company to perform their own tests or to choose who does them and how. This way the company can ensure that the study almost always turns out the way they want so the FDA will ok it. Also many of the people appointed to the FDA are corrupt through those same congress men and/or they were past lobbyists/congressmen/ etc themselves.

    That is why congress does not work for poor or middle class people, they don't have the money therefore they don't have the influence.

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