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Tazzzz asked in Social ScienceSociology · 9 years ago

What should I say if this comes up during my debate on capital punishment....?

So I have a debate at school tomorrow and I have to argue for capital punishment. I will be cross examined and my question is that if the cross examiner on the negative team mentions strong evidence they found against something that I said ( for example I say that capital punishment deters crime with evidence but they find better evidence to prove it wrong) and I have no evidence to attack their evidence, what should I say? I can't just stand there like an idiot...

2 Answers

  • M
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    9 years ago

    Find someone like Billy the Kid who repeatedly escaped prison (though waiting to possibly he executed), and killed many after he got out. Had he been put to death in a timely manner, up to 21 victims would not have been murdered.

    Or their is Ted Bundy who escaped prison twice, only to murder again. He killed at least six people after his escape, and is suspected in many, many more. Had he been executed more quickly, at least six innocent people would be alive.

    John Dillinger killed a police officer in his escape from jail.

    In 1984 six serial killers on death row broke out of Mecklenburg Correctional Center. All were captured within a few weeks, but imagine if they were not.

    Danny Horning escaped prison in 1992 and took many hostages during his run from the law.

    Brian Nicols in 1992 shot and killed four people and held a woman hostage.

    You could say that the death of a murder could avoid innocent victims.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    If you kill the bastard how will he ever do anything again? Winning argument right there.

    Source(s): It's a pretty simple solution
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