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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicPolls & Surveys · 9 years ago

Death Penalty and Capital Punishment?

I am doing a poll for my history class and I need your help!

-How does the death penalty provide justice?

-How is the death penalty good?

-How is the death penalty bad?


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  • Paul
    Lv 4
    9 years ago
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    -It gives justice to families of murdered victims, and it stops criminals from repeating their heanous crimes.

    -Eliminates criminals so the rest of society doesn't have to suffer their horrible behaviors, people will learn from the mistakes of others and not commit the same crimes therefore crime would go down, but since everybody gets away with anything including murder, crimes continue to rise.

    -Could potentially be killing somebody whose innocent (very rare and a loose argument but whatever) and maybe they could be rehabilitated.

    Source(s): Me :) hope this helps!
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    How does the death penalty provide justice?

    A: For the victims of the crime.

    How is the death penalty good?

    A: I don't know.

    How is the death penalty bad?

    A: Well, in order to show that killing people is wrong, they kill people who kill people? Does that make any sense to anyone who has a bit of reason and logic inside their brain?

  • 9 years ago

    My opinion: I don't believe it provides justice.

    I think it's bad because taking a life does not justify taking another life. It doesn't make the first wrong right again.

  • 9 years ago

    justice for the one the murdered killed

    criminals dont commit crime

    a lot of money wasted

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  • 9 years ago

    The death penalty has a foundation in justice and it spares more innocent lives.

    Anti death penalty arguments are either false or the pro death penalty arguments are stronger.

    The majority populations of all countries may support the death penalty for some crimes (1).

    Why? Justice.


    Of all endeavors that put innocents at risk, is there one with a better record of sparing innocent lives than the US death penalty? Unlikely.

    1) The Death Penalty: Saving More Innocent Lives

    2) Innocents More At Risk Without Death Penalty


    1) Saint (& Pope) Pius V: "The just use of (executions), far from involving the crime of murder, is an act of paramount obedience to this (Fifth) Commandment which prohibits murder." "The Roman Catechism of the Council of Trent" (1566).

    2) Pope Pius XII; "When it is a question of the execution of a man condemned to death it is then reserved to the public power to deprive the condemned of the benefit of life, in expiation of his fault, when already, by his fault, he has dispossessed himself of the right to live." 9/14/52.

    3) John Murray: "Nothing shows the moral bankruptcy of a people or of a generation more than disregard for the sanctity of human life."

    "... it is this same atrophy of moral fiber that appears in the plea for the abolition of the death penalty."

    "It is the sanctity of life that validates the death penalty for the crime of murder. It is the sense of this sanctity that constrains the demand for the infliction of this penalty. The deeper our regard for life the firmer will be our hold upon the penal sanction which the violation of that sanctity merit." (Page 122 of Principles of Conduct).

    4) Immanuel Kant: "If an offender has committed murder, he must die. In this case, no possible substitute can satisfy justice. For there is no parallel between death and even the most miserable life, so that there is no equality of crime and retribution unless the perpetrator is judicially put to death.".

    "A society that is not willing to demand a life of somebody who has taken somebody else's life is simply immoral."

    5) Billy Graham: "God will not tolerate sin. He condemns it and demands payment for it. God could not remain a righteous God and compromise with sin. His holiness and His justice demand the death penalty." ( "The Power of the Cross," published in the Apr. 2007 issue of Decision magazine ).

    6) Theodore Roosevelt: "It was really heartrending to have to see the kinfolk and friends of murderers who were condemned to death, and among the very rare occasions when anything governmental or official caused me to lose sleep were times when I had to listen to some poor mother making a plea for a criminal so wicked, so utterly brutal and depraved, that it would have been a crime on my part to remit his punishment.".

    7) Jean-Jacques Rousseau: "Again, every rogue who criminously attacks social rights becomes, by his wrong, a rebel and a traitor to his fatherland. By contravening its laws, he ceases to be one of its citizens: he even wages war against it. In such circumstances, the State and he cannot both be saved: one or the other must perish. In killing the criminal, we destroy not so much a citizen as an enemy. The trial and judgments are proofs that he has broken the Social Contract, and so is no longer a member of the State." (The Social Contract).

    8) John Locke: "A criminal who, having renounced reason... hath, by the unjust violence and slaughter he hath committed upon one, declared war against all mankind, and therefore may be destroyed as a lion or tyger, one of those wild savage beasts with whom men can have no society nor security." And upon this is grounded the great law of Nature, "Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed." Second Treatise of Civil Government.


    "Moral/ethical Death Penalty Support: Christian and secular Scholars"

    "The Death Penalty: Neither Hatred nor Revenge"

    "The Death Penalty: Not a Human Rights Violation"

    "Killing Equals Killing: The Amoral Confusion of Death Penalty Opponents"


    1) US Death Penalty Support at 80%; World Support Remains High

    Much more, upon request.

    Source(s): ================= Death Penalty Cost Studies: Saving Costs over LWOP 1) "Death Penalty Cost Studies: Saving Costs over LWOP" 2) Cost Savings: The Death Penalty 3) The California Death Penalty Fraud See 4th comment down within comments: Posted by dudleysharp on August 19, 2010 at 4:35 AM | Report this comment Rebuttal to ACLU: and A Rebuttal to "Cut This: The Death Penalty"(1) Death Penalty vs Life Costs in California
  • 9 years ago

    The pure expense of housing, repeat cons, pot dealers, let go. Follow the Texas laws, express

    line. Cost is 40000. per year times 10 years plus medical, say 60000. per con times 10, normal stay

    before he meets his maker.Not worth half a million per. Do the Math, can't afford

  • 9 years ago

    On the practical side, there are more reasons to be against it.

    Looking at the death penalty system in action, you realize that the only purpose it serves is retribution or revenge.

    There is a continuing and serious risk of executing innocent people. DNA is available for testing in fewer than 10% of all homicides.

    Studies do not show that the death penalty prevents or reduces crime.

    The death penalty is actually much more expensive than life in prison (reason: the legal process- much more complex- and the bulk of expenses are at the pre trial and trial levels.) This surprises many people but it is well documented.

    Protracted trauma for victims families. Even families who have supported the death penalty in principal have testified that the drawn-out death penalty process is painful for them and that life without parole is an appropriate alternative.

  • Alissa
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    -It sends killers to hell in a simple fast way.

    -It is good because we then don't have to pay to keep the scum alive in prisons.

    -I think there is no bad in cleaning our planet form scumbags.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    -The people who are criminals are dead

    - Criminals are dead

    - It is state sponsored murder

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    -It kills people that commit crimes.

    -It kills criminals.

    -It kills people.

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