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Going to Thailand, second time but?

Hey people,

I got these 2 weeks and a few extra days off work. in May.. I have had this idea to go to Thailand again, I was there last year.. But I just have been waiting for a seat sale and finally have one... The question is can anyone recommended time/ place to go on west side of Thailand.. I already travelled in Bangkok.

So my plan is to fly to Phuket this time and go down to Krabi and Koh Phi Phi.. Any other recommendations and how long I should stay in each place? I am just traveling alone so trying to do it cheap as possible and I know this is a good time to go for price wise but it;s hot as heck but I love it.

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    There are day trips from Krabi, one is the popular excursion to Ao Phang Nga. Most Krabi guest houses and tour companies rent out motorbikes for about B250 per day, or you can use public or chartered transport.

    For about B100 per hour, the boatmen who hang around near the floating restaurant will take you deep into the mangrove swamps that infest the Krabi River estuary, giving you a close up viewof the wildlife and stopping off at a couple of riverside caves on the way. Mangrove swamp mud harbours the fiddler crab and mudskippers, Kingfishers and white-bellied sea eagles.

    Wat Tham Seua (Tiger Cave Temple) can be reached on a songthaew from Utrakit Road.

    Krabi can't compete with local islands for snorkelling or seclusion. The Ao Nang beachfront, but don't bother to go between May and October, when the beach gets covered in a sea-borne debris and most accomodation is closed. The Laem Phra Nang beaches don't change much year-round, but a few places close up during the rainy season.

    The Susaan Hoi (Shell Cemetery), 17 km west of Krabi and Than Bokkharani, 50 km notherwest of Krabi

    The East Railae, the least attractive of the cape's beaches and is not suitable for swimming because of its fairly dense mangrove growth, a tide that goes out for miles, and sand that's littered with building rubble. But the bungalows come cheaper there.

    There's no air conditioning on the cape and most accommodation is budget traveller oriented.

    Koh Phi Phi is a popular and well established southern Thailand destination. It is packed with bungalow operations and tourist enterprises serving the burgeoning ranks of divers, snorkellers and sybarites who just come to slump on the long white beaches. The uninhabited sister island Ko Phi Phi Leh, whose sheer cliff facesget rational marine park protection, on account of birds' nest business.

    Ko Similan and Ko Surin, Kho Phi Phi and its neighbouring islands rank very high on the list of Andaman coast diving and snorkelling spots, white-tip sharks, moray eels and stingrays. Diving centres on Ko Phuket run daily excursions, Ao Ton Sai and Phi Phi International Resort on Laem Tong, all of which rent equipment, organize excursions and run courses. For B1000 for introductory one-day diving course and B7500 for the five day open water course.

    From November to May ferries run from Krabi to Ban Sala Dan on the northern tip of Ko Lanta Yai, during the rest of the year the rainly season you get the daily ferry from Bo Muang to Lantra where mortor cycle taxis will take you to the beaches.

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    Can't help with your itinerary coz I'm not a pro down there. but I assume that you wanna go to dive? or snorkel?

    My tip is:

    You should check some website for recommendations about what time of the year you should go also. Some spots can be cloudy during this month and other spots can be perfectly clear during the same month. If you did already, good for you. I hope you have lots of fun! I'm jealous. (Don't know whether that helps)

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    Phuket & Krabi are sooo touristy - why don't you start venturing down the west coast of the Gulf of Siam - south of Hua hin and down to Chumphorn - acoss to Ranong maybe and down to Koh Lak and end up in Phuket and fly back to Bkk...

    have some fun off the too badly beaten path. It is not really difficult or adventure travel either but will be fun for you - - if you like that kind of thing and cheaper than Phuket or krabi

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    If you go up to Ranong there are some great islands there, Koh Chang & Koh Phayam, also you can nip over to Burma for a day. Kanchanburi is also meant to be beautiful (the bridge over the river Kwai) but theres no beaches there.

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