SSD vs. HDD Need Help :(?

I am wanting to buy a new SSD for my new PC that I am building but also i've heard somewhere that you can loose all your data or something like that I don't know if it was the correct thing that I was reading. Ok what I am asking for help here is if I have my ssd as my boot drive and just a couple of games and some apps. and plus I set up like a 500GB HD as well for files like music, docs, movies...etc will they show up on the desktop like if they were on my primary drive? Don't understand what I am trying to say? Ex. I have my SSD for a boot drive and have like origin on there with the game bf3 and I run out of space can I download another game onto origin or steam with it showing up on the desktop like the boot drive or will it show up like a Memory card like all folders with my games in there? sorry I can't explain better than that


And also can I make my system recovery on my HDD and if it somehow messes up recover it from my HDD even though my primary drive with the OS is the SSD? I'm really confused

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  • Derek
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    9 years ago
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    i partly understand what your saying. you can set up some kind of raid. ssd are mainly used for their unmatched speed and power saving abilities. anything with rom (ssd, thumb drives, sd card, so on) can only be used a certain number of times before they just die. when they die nothing you can do. and by used i mean flashed and by flash i mean written to. but the number of writes are extremely high and you shouldnt worry about it. you can make a image of your computer and back it up on the hdd. hdd have a failure point too. from which you can't really recover from either. but their lifespan is measured in hours not writes. the motors in hdds fail, platters can get scratched. neither are perfect. if your worried about space dont get an ssd. they are alot faster but way expensive.a 7200rpm hdd should be enough for anyone aside from enthusiast users.

  • 9 years ago

    Get am PCZ SSD. I love mine. Never going back to a HDD for boot... I have 2 2TB WD caviar green he's for storage. Love it!

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