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Marijuana THC Levels?

I had a drug test 3 weeks ago. My thc levels just have to drop, but i havent smoked in the last 3 weeks. If i smoke say a week before my drug test, will my levels still show that they have dropped or will it go back too a high level because i smoked recently?

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    I say if u did a dub... it will be kinda high. If you really wanna risk it. (I would wait until another week because after that you will have a better high, which is better) I'll give you some tips on how to get the thc out of your system. First drink lots of water right after you smoke. Next exercise often, actually everyday. Then drink lots of water again. Get niacin pills. that stuff works really well. Drink more water. You will turn red and hot which means its working. Drink more water. I used like 12 pills a day and yeah it works. Drink some more water. My system is strong so idk how yours are so be careful if its weak. Drink water and i heard cranberry juice helps but not sure. Don't drink vinegar or pickle juice. Doubt it works. And finally drink even more water!!! Got any more questions... let me know. Good luck and toke up! WATER!

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