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Stephen Colbert vs. Jon Stewart. ?

For my English class we are doing debates and my topic is Stephen Colbert vs. Jon Stewart. How do I prove the stephen is better?

If you think Jon Stewart is better it would be appreciated if you say why. But it would be better if you answer how Stephen is better. Thank you in advanced!!!!

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    It seems to me that this isn't an objective but rather a subjective opinion - it's a matter of opinion as to which is "better." First, you have to establish some criteria: what kinds of things are you measuring? Unless we know those, we're pretty much at sea.

    Frankly, I think they're both wonderful. They're enormously intelligent, funny as all get-out, and quick. One thing you might use, although I don't know if it "proves" anything, is that Stephen Colbert has created an on-screen persona. I've heard him talk about this in interviews, how he "plays" this particular character - so every utterance is pretty much tongue in cheek. Which has got to be rather difficult to pull off. Jon Stewart is "just" Jon Stewart - he's himself.

    Rather fine hairs. If I think of anything else, I'll come back and post it here. Not an easy assignment!

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    Jon Stewart Vs Stephen Colbert

  • 3 years ago

    Colbert Vs Stewart

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    Bob R. recommended last week's Three Stooges concern, Wavy vs. Shemp (won quickly by Curly). Now, he provides this option to be made: Jon Stewart vs. Stephen Colbert.

    Both guys are incredibly very funny and do yeoman's tasks of web host their "news" reveals on late-night TV. That creates this an very challenging decision; for I like them both

    Still, choices must be created and I'm going with Stephen Colbert. This was very challenging, and I'll platform my option on the point that occasionally, Stewart requires himself a contact too seriously.

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  • Flower
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    What kind of project is this for school? You should be reading books and writing book reports and memorizing poetry. I dont understand what they do in schools not teaching the classics. There is nothing so trivial for students as a discussion of two TV shows. What kind of teachers do you have that would give this assignment.

    I dont like Colbert. His show's format seems like Jon Stewart. I once saw Colbert play the role of a murderer in Law and Order and I cannot forget it.

  • huson
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    i'm a extensive fan of the two, and that i think of they fairly much charm to diverse audiences. i think of Colbert appeals to a youthful objective marketplace, nonetheless the two are for youthful people, needless to say! That suggested, i'm fairly lots in awe of Colbert after the White domicile's Correspondent's Dinner speech of his - staggering. yet then, Jon Stewart helped write that, sooo... particularly, that's an exceedingly stressful decision! Colbert can do greater together with his sarcasm, so i'm going to could desire to vote for him.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    his satire is twisted:

    he portrayed to be a conservative, whom sabotage his own ideas, lol

    where is john is simple and direct, you know what team he's pitching on with colbert, you just got to pay a little more attention to when he's pitching, he might be throwing the game!

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