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Anyone else check the Supreme's Oral Argument in Arizona v. United States Arguments today? Obama was Spanked!?

Here are links a brief and transcript if you missed it; Awesome stuff!

From today's Argument I humbly predict the Az law will stand firm. It even seemed Justice Sotomayor was not even supporting the administrations tortured reasoning in its objection to the AZ law. For Obama with Health-Care also looking to go down to defeat, and now adding an administration failure on Immigration... Times are getting interesting indeed.

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    It's no wonder O couldn't make it as an attorney, and was not offered a position as a professor at the Univ of Chicago where he lectured.

    Together, the news today (very good news, indeed) along with his statement on March 30, 2007 make him out to be not only a liar, but a dumb liar.

    "I was a constitutional law professor, which means unlike the current president I actually respect the Constitution." Barrack Obama

    Seems the man needed to be put in his place. It was inevitable.

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    it fairly is comprehensible from liberals. they're continually on the area of criminals, continually against the police, continually against regulation, except of path it reward THEM!! this is time for states like Arizona and others to stand up , and tutor those human beings you heavily isn't deterred. i'm hoping they win in Arizona, yet i think of they might have a hard combat. How does a meagre State combat the Federal Gov? the cost of this could be astronomical, at a time once you're dealing with those variety of issues, you in simple terms ought to ask your self, 'Why could they do this?" like the Black panthers that have been charged and then released for intimidation on the vote casting sales area in Philadelphia, you should ask your self the comparable question, "Why are they doing this?" They have been in simple terms 2 adult men, why is the gov protecting them? They for sure have been incorrect, they have been caught on tape, fairly in charge, however the charges have been brushed aside for loss of information. the comparable guy became caught on tape at a rally, announcing "He hates whites, whites ought to die, kill white toddlers" And this guy they set loose?

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    Yes, I did. Basically they said what was obvious in the first place. The arguments against Arizona are specious and invalid.

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    obama doesn't seem to have a good record when it comes to the law.

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