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Your stupid I knew it wasn't an album or song I thought you just made that phrase "yolt" "you only live twice"

I thought you meant rate the phrase

BQ:opinions on masta ace

BQ2:knicks vs clippers

BQ3:best album of all time IYO

BQ4:ice cube>big pun


@nation I've only heard disposable arts and it was dope

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    BQ: If you've heard Disposable Arts, I reccomend Sittin On Chrome and A Long Hot Summer, 2 classic albums, he's in my top 15 MC's

    BQ2: Knicks

    BQ3: besides Illmatic, Liquid Swords

    BQ4: Buy

  • ITAN
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    8 years ago

    BQ: Ah, rec me an album

    BQ2: Clippers

    BQ3: RHH Album? Illmatic tbh

    BQ4: Sell big pun is a better technical rapper. I find ice cube easier to listen to though. Even check my last FM most played artist is ice cube with 506 plays

  • ??
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    8 years ago

    BQ: He's alright, somewhat am sleeping tho...

    BQ2: Clippers

    BQ3: Illmatic

    BQ4: Buy

  • 8 years ago

    How does that make MJS stupid? "You're" *

    BQ: Dope

    BQ2: Not a fan of sports

    BQ3: Tom Waits - Blood Money

    BQ4: Sell

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  • 8 years ago

    BQ: He's good.

    BQ2: Right now? Clippers.

    BQ3: My favorite is OB4CL.

    BQ4: SELL

  • 8 years ago

    BQ: One of the most underrated rapper of all-time, one of my personal favorites.

    BQ: Knicks

    BQ: Besides Illmatic.....I'll go with 36 Chambers.

    BQ: Lyrically and flow wise huge sell, but album wise(since Pun died so early) & influential wise then buy.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    You don't know who Quiji Da Layer of Eradamnation are, so you aren't in

    position to criticize anyone.

    All the BQs are irrelevant due to the fact that I'm making your unknowledge public.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Actually you're stupid, you failed to answer the question.

    BQ1: Yawn

    BQ2: Clippers

    BQ3: Boooooo

    BQ4: Haha you listen to rap music, who would've guessed?

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