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What Are Some Rape Cases from The 1930s-60s?

The title of the question is pretty self explanatory. Does anybody know of and cases of rape that made it to court in between the 1930s and the 1960s? I'm having trouble finding any, and any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

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    Davis v. Mississippi 394 US 721

    Lovely v. United States 169 F. 2d 386

    Rudolph v. Alabama 375 US 889

    Williams v. United States 327 US 711

    Geise v. United States 262 F. 2d 151

    Morissette v. United States 342 US 246

    Mallory v. United States 354 US 449

    Bumper v. North Carolina 391 US 543

    There are more but that's 5 pages of Google Scholar

    EDIT: In response to the person who responded after I did. A Google search in this case will not work. The best tool for this job is WestLaw which allows a natural language search and allows you to limit returns by date and court. Unfortunately WestLaw is a very expensive professional tool. Next is LexisNexis, most schools have a limited license, but in my opinion it doesn't hold a candle to WestLaw the only advantage it has is the ability to filter results. Your best bet for a free service that works fairly well is Google Scholar. The list above was take from Google Scholar. If you are writing a brief then I recommend using West or Lexis to shepardize, but I suspect you are writing a report and you just need cases.

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    Google search for:

    rape cases of 1930s - 1960s

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