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Japanese/Other Race Models/Actresses/Etc..?

For character identification purposes, I need a list of female relatively young looking models, actresses, whatever. BUT! I want some sort of other race to be apparent, preferably Caucasian races. Any suggestions are nice.

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    Harumi Nemoto

    Sayo Aizawa

    Yui Aragaki

    Mai Asada

    Mew Azama

    Chiemi Chiba

    Kurara Chibana

    Clarion Girl

    Yuri ebihara

    nana Eikura

    Ayako Enomoto

    Kanako Enomoto

    Makiko Esumi

    Lena Fujii

    Natsuki Fujiwara

    Norika Fujiwara

    Rila Fukushima

    Natsuki Okamoto

    Tao Okamoto

    Al Okawa

    Aya Omasa

    Moe Oshikiri

    Hiromi Oshima

    Natashia Williams

    Marianela Pereyra

    Tika Sumpter

    Eva Marcille

    Dani Evans

    Claudette Ortiz

    Naima Mora

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