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Need middle names and more boys names and opinions on my first name choices?




















Luan is an Afrikaans name and I am South African. It is pronounced how it is spellt.

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  • 8 years ago
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    ○ Alexa Noelle

    ○ Alexa Mae

    ○ Alexa Skye

    ○ Alexis Cheyanne

    ○ Alexis Jade

    ○ Alexis Carol

    ○ Anna Josephine

    ○ Anna Claire

    ○ Anna Felicity

    ○ Emma Grace

    ○ Emma Scarlett

    ○ Emma Katherine

    ○ Eva Jasmine

    ○ Eva Violet

    ○ Eva Lenee

    ○ Kayla Danielle

    ○ Kayla Rose

    ○ Kayla Marie

    ○ Lily Charlotte

    ○ Lily Adelaide

    ○ Lily Emmeline

    ○ Lydia Anne

    ○ Lydia Natalie

    ○ Lydia Annabeth

    ○ Penny Renee

    ○ Penny Alexandra

    ○ Penny Lanette

    ○ Sophia Elizabeth

    ○ Sophia Abigail

    ○ Sophia Ivy


    ○ Dylan Andrew

    ○ Dylan Matthew

    ○ Dylan Blake

    ○ Edward Quinn

    ○ Edward Gregory

    ○ Edward Jackson

    ○ Luan James

    ○ Luan Reese

    ○ Luan Alexander

    ○ Lucas Kyle

    ○ Lucas Mitchell

    ○ Lucas Shane

    ○ Nathan Thomas

    ○ Nathan Jay

    ○ Nathan Caine

    ○ Rylan Jace

    ○ Rylan Michael

    ○ Rylan Everett

    My Favorite Names:

    -- Liam

    -- Leland

    -- Jace

    -- Mason

    -- Micah

    -- Benjamin

    -- Callum

    -- Noah

    -- Ryder

    -- Colton


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  • 8 years ago


    Alexa Rae

    Alexis Lynn

    Anna Marie

    Emma Jade

    Eva Dawn

    Kayla Paige

    Lily Anne

    Lydia Louise

    Penny Elizabeth

    Sophia McKayla


    Dylan Michael

    Edward Austin

    Luan (Is this like Juan, with an L? I don't know what to put with it, because I don't know how it's pronounced.)

    Lucas Alexander

    Nathan James

    Rylan David

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  • 8 years ago


    Alexa Grace/Alexa Renee

    Alexis Marie/Alexis Rose

    Anna Gabrielle/Anna Celeste

    Emma Nicole/Emma Madelyn

    Eva Jacqueline/Eva Rachel

    Kayla Isabel/Kayla Danielle

    Lily Arielle/Lily Alexandria

    Lydia Hope/Lydia Evelyn

    Penny Olivia/Penny Jade

    Sophia Cathleen/Sophia Faith


    Dylan Matthew/Dylan Nicolas

    Edward James/Edward Christopher

    Luan Chase/Luan Benjamin

    Lucas Oliver/Lucas David

    Nathan Everett/Nathan Adam

    Rylan Blake/Rylan William

    Favorite girl names are Alexa, Emma, and Lydia. Favorite boy names are Dylan, Lucas, and Nathan.

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  • Jen
    Lv 6
    8 years ago


    Alexis Grace

    Anna May

    Emma Louise

    Eva Grace

    Kayla Eve

    Lily Rose or Lily May

    Lydia Faith

    Penny Lynn

    Sophie Ann

    Dylan Edward

    Edward James


    Lucas Matthew

    Nathan James


    My favourite boy's names are:






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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Alexa Rose.Alexis Grace.Anna Louise.Emma Jade.Eva Mae.Kayla Jane.Lily Amelia.Lydia Jean.Penny Victoria.Sophia Rae.Boys.Dylan James.Edward George.Luan Mark.Lucas Matthew.Nathan Paul.Rylan Jack.

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  • 8 years ago





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  • 8 years ago


    Alexa: I like it okay, but i like Alexis more. Alexa Marie, Alexa Grace, Alexa Lynn

    Alexis: I like it a lot. Alexis Renee, Alexis Marie, Alexis Elise

    Anna: Cute, my sisters name. Anna Marie, Anna Harper, Anna Lynn

    Emma: Love it :) Emma Renee, Emma Madeline, Emma Yvette

    Eva: I do not really care for it. Eva May, Eva Grace, Eva Elizabeth

    Kayla: Its alright, not my favorite. Kayla Marie, Kayla Hope, Kayla Anne

    Lily: Pretty, like it spelled Lilly more, and i also prefer the longer versions like Liliana. Lily Renee, Lily Christine, Lily Elizabeth

    Lydia: Nice name. Lydia Grace, Lydia Yvette, Lydia May

    Penny: Eh, not really my taste. Penny Elise, Penny Renee, Penny Juliet

    Sophia: I like it okay. Sophia Grace, Sophia Elaine, Sophia May


    Dylan: Not my favorite but it's okay. Dylan James, Dylan Lucas, Dylan Michael

    Edward: Nice name. Edward James, Edward Kane, Edward Flynn

    Luan: Not sure how to pronounce this?

    Lucas: Love it. Have it as my own choices for middle names. Lucas James, Lucas Ryan, Lucas Patrick

    Nathan: Like it, my brothers name. Nathan James, Nathan Edward, Nathan Lee

    Rylan: Ehh, i like Ryan much more. Rylan James (as you can see i really like James as a boys middle name) Rylan Patrick, Rylan Kane

    Boy names i like:








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  • 8 years ago

    My favourites from your girl name list are Alexis and Sophia so I think the combo Alexis Sophia or Sophia Alexis would be lovely.

    For a boy I love Nathan and Rylan (although I prefer Ryan). Nathan James, Nathan Edward, Rylan Levi, Rylan Matthew


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  • 3 years ago

    Chasity Paige :) it somewhat is my call! 10/10 lol. Taylor 7/10 could flow properly with any center call. Tate 4/10 i do no longer fairly like the call tate, in step with threat tatum it somewhat is the fairly call i think of & tate is the nn. Hailey 6/10 very amazing, purely a splash overused. Harleigh 4/10 i do unlike Harleigh sorry, this is in simple terms too hillbilly to me. Amanda 5/10 this is an ok call, was once overused an prolonged time in the past yet, i do no longer think of this is now. Leilani 8/10 very quite & female. Sarina 7/10 quite:) i like this spelling alot extra useful than serena. Tailynn 10/10 i admire this one very amazing! Mikayla 6/10 comparable as hailey. Undrea 6/10 i like the call yet, no longer the "U." i could spell it the unique way. Blair 7/10 advantageous call! & no longer elementary. Samantha 3/10 i think of samantha has accomplished this is due. Janine 5/10 you additionally can, like Janelle. Olivia 9/10 one in all my prominent names. Brittany 4/10 nahh, this is over. Echo 7/10 this could be sparkling center call. Kaitlynn 9/10 i admire this call :) Carson 7/10 i think of this is a gorgeous call, you additionally can like carling. Payton 6/10 i like it too yet, this is overused :( stable success ! my favorites are Chasity, Tailynn, Kaitlynn, & Olivia.

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  • 8 years ago

    I think Carter is an excellent boy

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