Australia - Where are those Red American Cups?

Hey I am going to have a party and it involves beer pong, a few days ago i had a beer pong game at home but the cups were to small. Id like traditional American cups for the game but I can't find them anywhere except for online. This is for more my 19th and It is real soon so If I order anything online the mail delivery will be later than what I need it to be.

Does anybody know where I can get some red cups from a shop that I can go to, I have a car so getting them won't be a problem and also it doesn't exactly need to be the red cups it can be equivalent to the size.



Obviously Australia as it has nothing to do with the red cups

Update 2:

yeah sorry mate i live in melbourne haha, but wasn't trying to be rude.

Was looking at other questions similar to this and most people say walmart so yeah

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