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Is amway scheme fraud or impossible?

I doubt it is pyramid scheme....

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    Well the 'Multi-Level Marketing' or 'Network Marketing' is a fraud scheme & it's very much possible but very very very difficult.... You must understand that i insist word "Very" thrice because convincing people to purchase is one of the toughest job in this world....

    As far as 'Amway' is considered, according to Wikipedia in the column "Multi-Level Marketing" following comments are noted:-

    1. "The Times: "The Government investigation claims to have revealed that just 10% of Amway's agents in Britain make any profit, with less than one in ten selling a single item of the group's products."....

    2. "Scheibeler", a high level "Emerald" Amway member: "UK Justice Norris found in 2008 that out of an IBO [Independent Business Owners] population of 33,000, 'only about 90 made sufficient incomes to cover the costs of actively building their business.' That's a 99.7 percent loss rate for investors."...

    You must understand that i am not discouraging you from taking up a 'MML', & so if your really confident that you can pull this off only then you should join.....

    Gud Luck!

    Source(s): Wikipedia & i am former member of 'MML'- EBIZ
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    Raj Shah Amway

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    Is amway scheme fraud or impossible?

    I doubt it is pyramid scheme....

    Source(s): amway scheme fraud impossible:
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    I heard about new pyramid scheme - MMM 2011. The pyramid scheme creator is math genius Sergey Mavrodi from Russia. I read some information about him. Looks like MMM 2011 is better than Amway, because croator of this scheme is math genius... and I think fraud possibility is much less. What you think about MMM 2011 ?

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    It seems to be a legal scam (pyramid selling, although there are products). Not sure whether the company has changed now but 20 odd years ago it was almost pure pyramid: the whole object was to introduce more people under you (you enrol 10 other people to sell the product and you receive a percentage of the profit). So the most successful members earn mor emoney from other people (who are recruiting more people themselves). Similar to Avon really.

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