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這是一篇有關如何實現我的夢想的文章 約100自 請幫我看看有沒有哪邊需要修改的我英文很破....謝謝

My life dream is to be a famous drummer and go on a tour with my band around the word ,the third important point are , number one, in order to be a famous drummer ,I should improve my technique , practice Play drum at least two hours every day . Number two , I must find the member who had the same ideal with me , and we should publish our own album . Third , we should attract a wide range of fans' support , and having enough money to tour around the word.

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    My lifelong dream is to become a famous drummer and go on a tour with my band around the world. To achieve this dream, there are three important things. First, in order to be a successful drummer, I should practice at least two hours a day, to improve my skill. Second, I must find people interested in drums and sharing the same ideal with me, so that we can work together to publish our album. Third, then we should work hard to attract more and more fans' support, which will give us funds enough to make a world tour.

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