What's your opinion on these names?

Hi everyone! So I always suggest my favourite names when I answer questions, but I just wanted to know what people actually think of them. Just rate, or rate and comment, or whatever you want :) In general I prefer more classic names, but there are some names that are more 'trendy' which I adore :)


Levi Nathaniel

Jacob Isaac

Isaac Jude

Oscar James

Finn Archer

Felix Avery

Avery Jude

Leo James

Liam Oliver

Jude Avery

Lloyd Alexander

Oliver James

Xavier Nathaniel

Nathaniel Jude

Jasper Leo

Declan Henry

Lucas James

Noah Jude

Jackson Avery

Flynn Oliver


Olivia Paige

Savannah May

Gabriella Lily

Leah Grace

Emilia Grace

Zoe Madison

Paige Madeleine

Grace Olivia

Ava Grace

Sophia Claire

Lily Olivia

Willow Grace

Thanks! :)


Oh, and I'm not expecting. I just enjoy names :)

Update 2:

@Liz - yeah, I agree with you on Lily and Olivia :)

@Emily - Thanks for the life story, but you didn't answer my question :P I assume you like Leah and Emilia from my list, but apart from that, your answer wasn't all that helpful. Your relatives all have lovely names though :)

@Margaret - Ok, settle down. Let's not use caps lock for our entire answer :)

Update 3:

@-Grace.Elisabeth- : lovely answer :) I agree with you on Archer. I don't really like the name but it flowed well with Finn so I thought I'd add it in. I also agree with you on the spellings - I hate it when people change the spelling of gorgeous names to make them more 'trendy' or 'unique'. :)

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  • 8 years ago
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    Levi Nathaniel-- 8/10 Really nice!

    Jacob Isaac---8/10Again, very nice.

    Isaac Jude--- 6/10 Not a big fan of Jude.

    Oscar James--- 6/10 I love James as a middle name but i don't really like Oscar..

    Finn Archer-- 7/10 Finn is really cute, don't know about Archer.

    Felix Avery--- 5/10 Eh, just dont like it.

    Avery Jude--- 5/10 Again, just dont like it.

    Leo James---- 7/10 Love James, not a fan of Leo. Its okay though!

    Liam Oliver--- 9/10 Like it a lot!

    Jude Avery--- 4/10 Dont like either.

    Lloyd Alexander--- 6/10 Like Alexander for a middle name, do not like Lloyd

    Oliver James--8/10 really nice!

    Xavier Nathaniel-- 7/10 It's alright.

    Nathaniel Jude-- 6/10 LIkie Nathaniel but again, not Jude.

    Jasper Leo--- 4/10 Do no like Jasper so much, Leo is decent.

    Declan Henry--- 6/10 It's alright, names sound weird together.

    Lucas James-- 10/10, favorite of your boys names!

    Noah Jude-- 7/10 Really like Noah, but again,not Jude. I like Noah James though a lot.

    Jackson Avery--- 5/10 Not a fan of either.

    Flynn Oliver---7/10 Decent. Like Finn more.


    Olivia Paige--- 7/10 I like Olivia, have a niece named Olivia, But not Paige so much.

    Savannah May--- 8/10 Flows nice together.

    Gabriella Lily--- 6/10 Do not like Gabriella, Lily goes pretty nicely with it though.

    Leah Grace--- 8/10 Very nice, pretty.

    Emilia Grace--- 9/10 Very pretty!

    Zoe Madison---7/10It's alright

    Paige Madeleine--- 7/10 Love Madeline but again not a fan of Paige.

    Grace Olivia--- 7/10 Pretty, like it better as Olivia Grace though.

    Ava Grace-- 8/10 Pretty! Really cute name.

    Sophia Claire--- 7/10 Sophia's pretty nice, do not like Claire.

    Lily Olivia--- 6/10 Like both names but think they sound odd together.

    Willow Grace--- 7/10 Dont care for Willow but the name all together sounds nice.

    Over-all, pretty nice names! Your boy names are masculine, all your girl names are pretty and feminine. No odd/"unique" spellings- which is always good in my book!

    My favorites are: Lucas James, Liam Oliver, Oliver James, Noah (with a different middle name), Emilia Grace, Ava Grace and Savannah May.

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  • Caw
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    8 years ago


    Levi Nathaniel - 4/10 - They both suit each other, i don't really like them though

    Jacob Isaac - 9/10 I do like this combo, great names and nice together

    Isaac Jude - 5/10 I like Isaac, cant stand Jude. Isaac gets the whole 5.

    Oscar James 2/10 James is always a good middle name. Oscar reminds me of the grouch

    Finn Archer 3/10 Archer Finn would be better but not a big fan of Finn.

    Felix Avery 1/10 Sounds more like an animal name for a small mouse or rodent.

    Avery Jude 1/10 Avery is too girly, cant stand Jude.

    Leo James 3/10 Ok combo, not the best.

    Liam Oliver 2/10 Not liking it.

    Jude Avery 1/10 Same as Avery Jude.

    Lloyd Alexander 3/10 It's ok, nothing i would pick though.

    Oliver James 2/10 Oliver is old sounding. James is a good middle name for almost anything.

    Xavier Nathaniel 3/10 Dosen't flow too well. I like Xavier better than Nathaniel.

    Nathaniel Jude 1/10 Not fond of either.

    Jasper Leo 2/10 Not my type of names

    Declan Henry 4/10 I like Declan, Henry is much older sounding than Declan.

    Lucas James 9/10 They go very well together.

    Noah Jude 2/10 - Noah is good but teamed with a more manly name.

    Jackson Avery 2/10 I like Jaxon spelled like that and Avery as i said is too girly.

    Flynn Oliver 1/10 - Don't like it.


    Olivia Paige - 3/10 - I like Paige, Olivia is overused

    Savannah May - 2/10 I don't like either but it's not a bad name.

    Gabriella Lily 2/10 Don't like Gabriella but really like Lily so they clash

    Leah Grace 4/10 Sounds good together although Grace is overused.

    Emilia Grace 6/10 Nice ring to it.

    Zoe Madison 7/10 Better ring to it

    Paige Madeleine 2/10 Paige is better as a middle name. Madeleine i really dislike.

    Grace Olivia 1/10 Too overused names eh

    Ava Grace 6/10 Sounds pretty

    Sophia Claire 2/10 Dont like it

    Lily Olivia 3/10 ok i guess

    Willow Grace 3/10 meh

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  • 8 years ago

    Names I'd actually consider using:

















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  • 8 years ago

    I have 2 daughters named Leah Marie and Isabella Leigh. I also have nieces named Ava Marie, Allie Beth, Madison Rose, Taylor Ann Renee, Mia Faith, Jayden Cathleen and Kayleen Elizabeth. My 3rd daughter is do in July. I love the names Emillia and Hanna. I have a brother who is named Liam Declan

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  • 8 years ago

    I'd LOVE 'Leo James' if you switched it to James Leo.

    Willow Grace.

    Lily is a nice name, and so is Olivia, but they sound too similar to put together.

    Zoe Madison.

    Issac Jude.

    anndd... Felix Avery.

    can you answer my name question? :) http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=201204...

    Source(s): My lovely name-brain
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  • 8 years ago

    Hehe i hav 2 friends & they're names r Gabriella & Lili (not Lily) =)

    About the boy names- im not loving them but my fav would be Xavier Nathaniel. :)

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  • 8 years ago

    I'll be honest with you, I'm not too wild about any of them. I think Xavier is a pretty cool name though. It's really unique. Good luck. :)

    Source(s): Personal opinion
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  • 8 years ago

    i love all of the names like a LOT!!!!! haha great names :))

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago


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