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Which airline is more profitable? Southwest or United?


I appreciate the comments but I'm talking about profit, not size. So if you have a link, that would be preferable. I know that Southwest has shown a profit for something like 28 years in a row. I'm not sure on United.

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    United posted a profit of $840 Million in 2011, Southwest showed profits of $459 Million in 2011. The answer to your question is United.



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    As of now, United is by far. United is currently the world's largest airline. It flies to over 300 destinations worldwide and is the dominant carrier in Chicago, Houston, and San Francisco.

    Southwest is a low-cost carrier providing Point A to Point B service in the domestic US with no international destinations. They also do not cater to business and first-class passengers making them lose a relatively large customer demographic.

    From what I have noticed, Southwest has run into huge problems with the Airtran merger and is struggling to keep fares low to only limited success. I would expect the airline to have more far hikes and stricter guidelines in the future.

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    united is a much larger airline...

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