Is it worth it for me to go SSD?

I have an ASUS A8N SLI Deluxe mobo and 4 gigs of OCZ Platinum ram, with a SATA II hard drive.

It all runs ok, but heat is a problem (even though I have tons of fans and a thermo-electric cpu cooler) and it runs a little slow. I can't afford to upgrade the whole thing and I spent a LOT of money on these components back in the day. Would the switch to SSD be worth it? I know my system is old, but maybe even the heat reduction of an SSD would help.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Well, switching to SSD from HDD will reduce heat(no moving parts in SSD). What exactly are you trying to accomplish though if you don't mind my asking. Are you concerned about heat? Are you trying to speed up your pc? both?

    Speed: The largest gain in speed you will find with an SSD is if you use it for storage purposes. Accessing and transferring will be much faster than your HDD. Granted, you would be looking at say 1 second as apposed to 3 seconds...but you will notice some difference. Using an SSD as an OS drive does help boot speeds a little, but it varies between computers and even the SSD's.

    Heat: Switching will reduce heat, but in my experience, typically the cpu, mobo, and video card create more heat than the HDD's, so better cooling for those may be a better option if you are looking to eliminate heat. Like I mentioned, making the switch will eliminate the HDD's heat contribution, but you may still have a heat problem.

    Also if you are concerned about speed, whether you know about these things or not, disk clean-up, de-frag (auslogics is much better than the windows de-frag), and just straight up deleting unnecessary programs and files will help speed things up. Also, reduce the number of start-up programs by going into msconfig and stop unwanted programs from starting up on boot. Also, if you have the resources, a fresh install of the OS usually does wonders, but if you dont have OS disc or back up capabilities, I usually don't recommend doing that.

    Hopefully some of my rambling has helped you out!

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  • 8 years ago

    Switching to SSD isn't worth it. Rather, adding an SSD is. If you switch you will only have a fraction of the space you might of had before. I think the largest SSD is a little over 250GB, and is over $300. With that price, you could upgrade other components and have a much higher drop in heat.

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  • 3 years ago

    sure, it properly worth procuring it. i offered Intel 80GB SSD and that i'm very shocked how average equipment overall performance grown up. the adaptation is staggering. plenty quicker boot time, purposes open very almost quickly, there is not any noise and you do no longer ought to challenge approximately cooling, drops, vibrations. It fairly properly worth procuring. each and every time they are going to be extra low value and extra low value. we will not wait each and all of the time. i offered outstanding after Intel droped expenses critically. recently there became a deal on Newegg: Intel X25-M 80GB SSD for 289.ninety 9 w/loose transport. do no longer by using uperTalent or Samsung. Intel shelter extra enter-output operations in step with 2d. purely Intel X25-E which value extra for a million/2 length is quicker because of the fact of SLC NAND variety in comparison to MLC. So my answer - sure, purchase it and it is going to be Intel.

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