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what would be a better guard a pitbull or a greater swiss mountain dog?

and only answer if your gonna choose the pitbull or the swissy...... NO OTHER DOG BREED

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    Tough call. Pits are my dogs but swissies are amazing dogs too. Pits are amazingly adaptable to anything. When I viewed some guard dog work I saw mainly pits, rotts, and german shepherds. Swissies are more rare though. The one question I would be asking is do you want a larger dog? If so then go for the swiss. And I know you said no other dog breeds, but have you ever heard of a cane corso? Like a big pit bull they are the baddest dog on the block when it comes to guarding. Personally I would want a pit, but the better guard dog would have to go to the swiss mountain dog because of it's sheer size.

  • Neither because neither of them were ever bred to guard a home at all. But if I have to choose, a Greater Swiss.

    Any kind of Bully breed, especially Pit Bulls are NOT for first time owners. They require an owner that has experience with them and the time and money to care for their common food allergies, as well as take time to walk them or play with them for around an hour or more each day, due to their normally high activity levels. If any dog gets bored, they get destructive, but Bully breeds get REALLY destructive if they're left home alone and very bored.

    I would suggest looking into other breeds like a GSD, or a Labrador, or maybe even a Doberman if you do extensive research and talk to breeder's, vets, friends who own the same breed, etc.

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    I wouldn't pick either, honestly, but if forced to choose, at least the Greater Swiss has a better history of functions that could make it possible to train as a personal protection dog and/or are more likely to make it a protective dog.

    Why on earth you would consider only breeds NOT bred to be guard dogs to be your guard dog is beyond me... why not ask "which would be better sled dogs for the Iditarod, ONLY answer Chihuahua or Toy Poodle!" instead?

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    Neither. Few APBTs have the temperament and drive suitable for that kind of training and the Swissie is at best suited to be a WATCHDOG, not a guard dog. doesn't really have the temperament for this training either.

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  • Neither. A properly bred APBT, AmStaff, or SBT should not be human aggressive. A properly bred pit bull type dog will be more likely to lick a stranger to death.

    A Swissy is not a dog that's used in protection work. Of the two breeds, they are more likely to be protective, but again, it's not what they are bred to do.

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    sure, the extra effective swiss mountain canines would shed decrease than others yet he won't stop laying off for stable. This canine is a huge subsequently he will have quite some hair. the united kingdom Kennel club may well be outstanding undergo in concepts your watching the united kingdom kennel club. P.S. NO no longer all canines shed!

  • Pit bulls ARE NOT guard dogs, i dont care what any one says. They are pillows and sweethearts. I have been raising my own since i was 7~ she would do anything for me so if you are looking for a best friend then i will say pit bull, but i dont have any experience with the other breed. You want a guard dog, get a CHOW, they were used to GUARD the great wall of china. Instead of contributing to the criticism of the pit bulls go with a dog that was bred to guard!

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    I'd go for the swissy. really good guard dog and so loyal and affectionate.

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    Get a security system. Why get a misunderstood breed to be on guard when all it is going to do is feed the stereotypes?

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    Source(s): Pitts are too people loving :)
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