If this was true about God how would you handle Iran getting the bomb?

If this was really God and Satan what would you do about Iran getting the bomb?

Why God and Satan, their true natures.

The Holy Ghost is all-powerful in this universe, but he isn't God. He is above God.

God is a secret mind dwelling inside Mankind, therefore a living God. Therefore, God can be found inside all of us. But what is he?

We have one soul, but two brains.

Our souls share two brains while alive. The left brain represents God, the right brain represents Satan.

This is why we were always their battleground and why what people did in life was so important to them!

A left brain, verbal, controlling the right side of our body. Controlling our right hand.

All left brains in mankind link up by telepathy, creating a super consciousness within Mankind.

This is the real God.

A God of language and rules, because they flow from Words, and he is a Word God. Not all-powerful, favoring populations who read more, who write more. Jews were his chosen, and this is why.

Moses represented him, keeping his secret, and those who wouldn't keep it were killed right after they were liberated as slaves from Egypt. For daring to dare to try to make a deal with God once they knew his secret. The Jews who could be trusted with it were marched for a long time until most of them forgot his secret or died from old age.

Moses, "My eyes could not look upon him, he is not made of flesh and blood, but of eternal mind. And now I KNOW his light dwells in every man."

Jesus, "the kingdom is within you." Son of God = Son of Man

God wants to run the world, but he has a rival.

A similar group of right brains. More spatial, the builder. Cain was the first city builder and the first reject.

The right brain controls our sinister left hand.

This mind has different values, for it, the meek left brain shall not inherit the earth, but the strong right brain will.

This mind sent Hitler to kill Jews, God's core mind. He sent a failed artist. Art comes from the right brain.

Once he sent Nero after the Christians, but too little and too late.

Nero, "in me dies a great artist."

How does a left brain God dominate the world if he isn't the all-powerful Holy Ghost?

Well, he has to manage labor, he has to control Satan's efforts to control the world.

But how do you control labor if this is what you truly are?

Through management of labor.

How? What kind of management?

Money control. Political control. Media control. Information control.

Jews went into banking. Went into Wall Street.

Jews run Hollywood.

Jews own media.

They teamed up with Indians, who, like themselves, are word smart, but not mechanically smart, and had them populate computer jobs.

So what does Satan do now?

He still has a powerful Germany and Japan without much Jewish influence in them to take care of labor.

He has to fight for China.

Suppose the description about God and Satan below was true. Read first, think, then judge.

Then ask yourself how you would handle Iran getting the bomb?

This is from = God Satan by Lauzeckas

Satan's Hate


The Devil seeing any victory in the remote past wouldn't be permanent or final decided to focus on the future. He understood someday Man would finally harness the secret of the atom and would be, for the first time, in position to completely destroy himself. Thus God would die, but so would the Devil. But complete hatred expressed in its most insane form possesses the twisted logic of even destroying yourself to hurt your enemy. Like some crazy lover who kills his spouse and himself afterwards, rather than tolerate the loss. Every suicidal bomber embraces this truth. But it's Satan they die for, not God.

No mercy in whatever form will be permitted! And this emotional attitude of no mercy for enemies poured into Hitler's soul and mind when he considered himself in a war against Jews.

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    suicide, blasphemy, worship of antichrist (pale jew with red eyes, who moves like superman and makes fire come down from the sky), receiving mark of the beast (rfid chip-small grey world passport-electronic tattoo-666 tattoo by lasers), and going into ufo ship (aliens=ghosts=demons) lead to hell.

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    I know that both the US and Canada maintain their embassy in Tel Aviv rather than Jerusalem in order to be respectful to the major groups that claim Jerusalem as their rightful capital, i.e. the Jews and the Palestinians. In 1979, Joe Clark became the Prime Minister of Canada with a platform policy of moving the embassy to Jerusalem. He won the election and tried to do it, but the outcry was so loud from Arab groups in Canada that he had to back off. He lost the next election.

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    You need Jesus

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