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Help me with my mother.?

Eversince i was 8, my dad also startec cheating on her, me and my mother have been horrible. she throws things at me, screams at me from asking a small question, and crushes my happiness in every way. listen i know this sounds like a rant, but im asking for advice. when i have uniforms at school, and im happy about it she looks at me and laughs. then she says your gunna look stupid in a way, trying to make me sad. she goes insane about how she thinks my zipper was down at school, or why there is a handprint on the wall. or, when my sister smudges the counter with toothpaste! saying i told you to clean that up! but, i say i was at school then she brings up the whole, no because that was there yesterday, and really i cleaned up the one from the other day. and other times when she pushes me to cry, she yells at me, saying "Oh boohoo dont be a baby, because we aint giving you attencion just cause you crryyy" and my dad is trying to get on her good side from cheating so he sides with her, even though i have facts to prove im right. i lock myself in my room, and she barges in and starts complaining about somthing random. then somhow the point is back on me, then i get into trouble. what have i done to her? :( am i doing somthing wrong? i dont talk to her anymore, or ignore her i just agree but then she thinks im ignoring her so i get screamed at again. what am i doing wrong i called children services on her because she kicked me once, but she manipulated them into beleiving her story! and then the children services think im a manipulative liar... email me if you wanna help me at please, is this evrey teenagers life? what am i doing wrong?? help me.. please


im 13 now, i have a few scars, and when i talk to someone she finds out, and tells them all these lies, making them fall into her arms and dislike me. but, how are they gunna now its form her if i just have a scar. people are skeptical.

Update 2:

the whole family has been manipulated by her, exaept for my one aunt who is a druggie and cant do anything to help because she has no say, according to my mom.

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    First i want to say sorry because it shouldnt be like that. Second i felt you should know that your definitly not crazy. You mom is the adult and she isnt acting like it. When talking to child services, always use the word safty. They can't ignore it if you say something like "I feel my safty is at risk in that home, whether you see it or not." How long has this been going on? I know you said it started when you were 8. Is there anyone at all you can talk too? A consiler at school? A friends parents? Even a diffrent relitive like an aunt or grandparent? You said your mom had kicked you and thrown things at you? Do you have a mark it left? Maybe a bruise or cut? If you do show that to someone and tell them how you got it. Phisical proof helps alot. I really am sorry.Just remember, It's temporary. Things do get better i promice.

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    Ok this is tough to go through and not fair you mum is depressed and angry with herself not you it's because of your dad the only way she will be happy is by getting rid of him I know it's harsh but he should not of cheated this has made your mum bitter and sad and feel worthless she's taking her stress and anger out on you what you should do is see a conseller and she/he will help you find a way for you and try and talk to her if it doesn't work just stay out of hercway and talk to someone you can trust or tell your dad to leave or talk to him about it hope I helped good luck :) xxx

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