Yo tengo un problema. Mi ex Novio El. Me. Dejo. Por que yo el. Dije. Que Iva. Roper su carr. Pieso. Q.?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Bad Spanish. "Yo tengo un problema. Mi ex novio me dejo porque yo le dije que iva a romper su carro." What the heck is Pieso? You told your boyfriend t hat you are going to break his car and therefore he left you? Yep. that will do it.

  • 8 years ago

    Pinolera - sadly this Spanish is a step up from some people I see writing Spanish in FB. Pieso is probably also mis-spelled. The questioner is swearing, and I think meant to say "piso" which is a noun from the verb "pisar" which for Salvadorans can refer to a sex act. "Piso" would mean "damn" or "crap" or worse - my husband says "piso" when something upsets him or shocks him.

    Si, tiene un gran problema ahorita. Pero bueno que nunca rompio el carro de su novio!

    Source(s): Salvadoran people
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