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How many children are on free school meals in the UK?

% of children or any facts and figures would be helpful too.

This is for a Modern Studies essay on why "the UK should introduce universal free school meals".

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    According to this website-

    "Around 1.8 million UK children are entitled to free school meals but more than 330,000 pupils don't get their entitlement. For some children, the social stigma or even teasing attached to 'being on free dinners' puts them off. Often parents don't realise they're entitled or are discouraged by the likely bureaucracy."

    Wikipedia has a nice run down on countries, with some info about those where all children get a free lunch. An interesting case is France, where students pay for half the meal, but it's in courses, and takes 1-2 hours! (The French know how to enjoy life).

    Also interesting is that it was Thatcher's conservative government that expanded the free lunch program, but the unintended result was that schools cut corners on the quality of the food, resulting in worse nutrition for the students (and, thus, Jamie Oliver.)

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    Too many. Cos mostly their parents can't be bothered to get off their lazy arses and find a job. So my tax is paying for them to have a better standard of living than me, and for their kids to have free school meals.

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