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AVG vs Avast vs Microsoft Security Essentials?

Is Microsoft Security Essentials, avast!, COMODO Firewall Free, Threatfire, SUPERantispyware free, Malwarebytes free and Iobit Malware Fighter free a good combo??? Or should I delete Microsoft Security Essentials and get AVG instead???

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    You should only need Avast, get MBAM pro (only 25 dollars for life) comodo firewall, and superantispyware free. MSE is one of the worst AV's on the market. AVG is better, but not as good as Avast. If you get more than one AV, contact the AV's, and ask if they are compatible with one another.

    I myself use Avast free, MBAM pro, and SAS free. That's all I need...

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    Answer to question; Avast & AVG & MSE

    Best practice is to use just one product for one thing,and to not have two antivirus installed.

    Best practice is to use also all from same company.(for best compatibility)

    But if u know what you are doing then u can mix,but then u will not ask this question,but just follow best practice rule to not install two or more antivirus product.

    Advice: Avoid MSE.

    Advice 2: Comodo firewall is really good ,but it will ask you questions,what many don't like,but firewall rules are good only and only if you (owner or administrator) make it.

    At least that is in Comodo firewall in interactive way, professionals uses and write complex tables,but its same principle of manual entering.(so,answering yes once,yes always,not now,never cant be avoided without losing real protection)

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    Avast + malwarebytes + comodo = beast combo (dont need anything else, avsast n malwarebytes both can scan for and remove spyware/adware, and comodo can block it)

    If you really wanted to add on top of it, use sandboxie (ofcourse disable avast and comodo's sandbox features, sandboxie is far better)

    Dont use avg its utter garbage scarweware, labels everything as a fking virus...

    Also id suggest staying far away from Iobit software lol

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    go with avg if you do not want to spend money on antivirus as it is the best or else you can try avast pro antivirus

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    use just 1 AV. out of those 4 your choice.

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