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Where dd my companion go in fallout 3?

I had Charon as a companion and when I did the campaign mission where you go into tranquility lane he was fallowing me but when I came out he was gone. He was not in my megaton house or at the underworld. I didn't have him wait anywhere. On my other question people said he would be in the underworld but I could not find him

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    Try going back to where you started the Tranquility Lane mission and see if he's still hanging around for you there. If not, try waiting a couple of days - you should get a message saying "Charon has returned to the Underworld" and then you can go and find him there.

    If that fails, if you're playing on the PC you can try and summon him with console commands - try bringing up the command box (` or ~ key) and typing in "0002b8e1 moveto player". If that doesn't work there's other commands you can try in the link below.

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    He probably fell from a cliff.

    That's how I first lost Fawks. Lol

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