Where should I travel with only 8 days (in USA, Mexico or Canada)?

This summer I want to go somewhere new in the USA. I have about 8 days to travel. I am located in Rochester, NY and have seen a lot of the north east. Where should I go and how much should I expect to spend at your suggestion?

Note: I plan to fly somewhere and get a hotel for the week.


I meant USA/Canada/Mexico in my first sentence

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    9 years ago
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    The question is far too vague, for the coverage area of three large nations. "Where in North America should I go?"

    How *I* would (and have) spent eight days in certain parts of the US, Canada, and Mexico has little to do with what *you* would do. However:

    Personally, I'd take a flight to the Mexican Yucatan and tour Mayan and other ancient civilization ruins by-bus. Chichen Itza in-particular is fantastic. These days, I'd check the State Department for travel advisories to the Yucatan first.

    Spending 2-3 days in greater Los Angeles will give you a good idea what that is all about. I fly into LAX and rent cars, every couple years, just to drive Mullholland Highway (a favorite), visit the Rock Store, and spend a little time on Rodeo Drive. Polar opposite of previous paragraph.

    Fly into Miami. Rent a car and ease your way to Key West. There are things to see and do along the way. Wouldn't go during hurricane season, but that's a gamble I suppose. Sunset from Key West is one of those "bucket list" sort of things everyone should do once.

    Canada, where to begin. I live 3 hours from Vancouver and sometimes drive, sometimes fly. Bummer going through customs, but it is a separate country "eh" and rules are rules. Well worth a day or two visit. So much to do would take a decade to hit the highlights, not unlike London (the big London, not London ONT). Vancouver is a world-class city, some say "a most-liveable city in the world" (OK, 3rd place, per the Economist 2011). Canada got three of the top 10, for good reason: just so darn civilized, in the strangest mixture of English, American, and French behaviour I've ever seen.

    To get off the grid, I have a great place for you: New Mexico, pretty much anywhere north of Albuquerque and west of Taos. All the way west into, and across, Arizona. When you hit the Grand Canyon (or it hits you), you'll understand. US Route 64 is my new "creepiest road in America" candidate considering how wild the country is for hundreds of miles. UFO country, we might say. Loved it. Ride it on a motorcycle, like I did. Stop and visit the Anasazi exhibits, of which there are several. Start to figure any of that out, who they were and why they lived there roughly a thousand years ago, you'll be ahead of the game.

    Source(s): Travel. As often as practicable. My father drove the corners of the United States a dozen, two dozen, times after he retired and before he met his maker. 19 years he made the best-of. I will do the same. You should, too. There is always something new to see.
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