Why do people always so negative things about black people but never give them credit?

Black people invented alot of things!

Here is a few:

air conditioning unit: Frederick M. Jones; July 12, 1949

almanac: Benjamin Banneker; Approx 1791

auto cut-off switch: Granville T. Woods; January 1,1839

auto fishing devise: G. Cook; May 30, 1899

automatic gear shift: Richard Spikes; February 28, 1932

baby buggy: W.H. Richardson; June 18, 1899

bicycle frame: L.R. Johnson; Octber 10, 1899

biscuit cutter: A.P. Ashbourne; November 30, 1875

blood plasma bag: Charles Drew; Approx. 1945

cellular phone: Henry T. Sampson; July 6, 1971

chamber commode: T. Elkins; January 3, 1897

clothes dryer: G. T. Sampson; June 6, 1862

curtain rod: S. R. Scratton; November 30, 1889

curtain rod support: William S. Grant; August 4, 1896

door knob: O. Dorsey; December 10, 1878

door stop: O. Dorsey; December 10, 1878

dust pan: Lawrence P. Ray; August 3, 1897

egg beater: Willie Johnson; February 5, 1884

electric lampbulb: Lewis Latimer; March 21, 1882

elevator: Alexander Miles; October 11, 1867

eye protector: P. Johnson; November 2, 1880

fire escape ladder: J. W. Winters; May 7, 1878

fire extinguisher: T. Marshall; October 26, 1872

folding bed: L. C. Bailey; July 18, 1899

folding chair: Brody & Surgwar; June 11, 1889

fountain pen: W. B. Purvis; January 7, 1890

furniture caster: O. A. Fisher; 1878

gas mask: Garrett Morgan; October 13, 1914

golf tee: T. Grant; December 12, 1899

guitar: Robert F. Flemming, Jr. March 3, 1886

hair brush: Lydia O. Newman; November 15,18--

hand stamp: Walter B. Purvis; February 27, 1883

horse shoe: J. Ricks; March 30, 1885

ice cream scooper: A. L. Cralle; February 2, 1897

improv. sugar making: Norbet Rillieux; December 10, 1846

insect-destroyer gun: A. C. Richard; February 28, 1899

ironing board: Sarah Boone; December 30, 1887

key chain: F. J. Loudin; January 9, 1894

lantern: Michael C. Harvey; August 19, 1884

lawn mower: L. A. Burr; May 19, 1889

lawn sprinkler: J. W. Smith; May 4, 1897

lemon squeezer: J. Thomas White; December 8, 1893

lock: W. A. Martin; July 23, 18--

lubricating cup: Ellijah McCoy; November 15, 1895

lunch pail: James Robinson; 1887

mail box: Paul L. Downing; October 27, 1891

mop: Thomas W. Stewart; June 11, 1893

motor: Frederick M. Jones; June 27, 1939

peanut butter: George Washington Carver; 1896

pencil sharpener: J. L. Love; November 23, 1897

record player arm: Joseph Hunger Dickenson January 8, 1819

refrigerator: J. Standard; June 14, 1891

riding saddles: W. D. Davis; October 6, 1895

rolling pin: John W. Reed; 1864

shampoo headrest: C. O. Bailiff; October 11, 1898

spark plug: Edmond Berger; February 2, 1839

stethoscope: Imhotep; Ancient Egypt

stove: T. A. Carrington; July 25, 1876

straightening comb: Madam C. J. Walker; Approx 1905

street sweeper: Charles B. Brooks; March 17, 1890

phone transmitter: Granville T. Woods; December 2, 1884

thermostat control: Frederick M. Jones; February 23, 1960

traffic light: Garrett Morgan; November 20, 1923

tricycle: M. A. Cherry; May 6, 1886

typewriter: Burridge & Marshman; April 7, 1885

Break Dancing





Reggae, Ska

Rock and Roll

Super Water Blaster

Fiber Optics and many other things so why dont people talk about this why do they only say negative things like black people are lazy,fat and ghetto in here? such a shame I believe no race is better than others all races had people that made contributions to society

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    8 years ago
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    inventions? really? How often do you hear about the guy who made latex? this ? is bogus

  • 8 years ago

    Everything I need to know about black people I learned from Boogie Down Productions.

    I believe that if you're teaching history

    Filled with straight up facts no mystery

    Teach the student what needs to be taught

    'Cause Black and White kids both take shorts

    When one doesn't know about the other ones' culture

    Ignorance swoops down like a vulture

    'Cause you don't know that you ain't just a janitor

    No one told you about Benjamin Banneker

    A brilliant Black man that invented the almanac

    Can't you see where KRS is coming at

    With Elie Whitney, Holly Selosy, Grand Bill Woods

    made the walky-talky

    Lewis Latterman improved on Edison

    Charles Drew did a lot for medicine

    Garrett Morgan made the traffic lights

    Harriet Tubman freed the slaves at night

    Madame CJ Walker made a straightin' comb

    But you won't know this is you weren't shown

    The point I'm gettin' at it it might be harsh

    'Cause we're just walkin' around brainwashed

    The song makes the point that the educational system doesn't focus on the achievements of black people. I know when I was in school I didn't learn a thing about black culture aside from slavery.

  • To be honest black people built america but they dont get credit for that either ..the white people owned nothing created nothing but the image that they are better,stronger and smarter than every other race i find it ridiculous. The Asians make so much cars,clothes,toys,appliances you name it they probably made it,the Indians owned the america before the white men betrayed them and then stole it, the Africans has all the gold and diamonds but the white men stole it from them,the white men steals from everyone not trying to be racist but if you pick up a history book that is how the white race has survived throughout history by stealing,killing and destroying thats why other races back in the day refer to them as" the white devil" and im part Caucasian so please dont call me racist but if you do i dont care facts are facts.BLACK PEOPLE MADE THIS COUNTRY AFTER THE WHITE MEN STOLE IT FROM THE INDIANS IT WAS THERE BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS THAT BUILT THESE WALLS AND PAVED THESE STREETS WHEN THEY WERE SLAVES.

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    8 years ago

    Becuase of stereotypes if anythign and the fact that all the great accomplishments of African American are usually not taught in public school so people don't know about them.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    All it takes is for ONE and I mean ONE black person to do ONE wrong thing and immediately we're all ostracized. We're immediately all labeled. As if we're a single entity all working together. It's so stupid it's maddening.

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    8 years ago

    The majority of these facts can be challenged. I'm not talking about gangsta rap or other "genious" inventions her, I don't even doubt...

  • 8 years ago

    Because they are racist, and many were even raised that way (a generational curse). It's not about color, and so many people don't "get it."

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