Hundreds/thousands may lose internet in July?FBI reasons NOT fixing is downright stupid,@least their reasoning?

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FBI warning,it is said most don't even know their infected.INTERNATIONAL hackers ran an online advertisement scam to take control of infected computers around the world. I heard more
Update : Dam forgot to add this;the FBI gave this website ran by their security more
Update 2: say again!? wtf? Are u ok w/this? Um,you get off your *** & vote obama more
Update 3: sO I TAKE IT NO ONE KNOW ABOUT THIS? So much for getting more more
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I think that you are wrong about what you post.

There are simple rules to staying safe on the interenet. Not to view untrusted sites, not to download things from untrusted sources, and to keep your virus protection up to date.


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  • WACO answered 2 years ago
    Republicans are Plutocrats. What more needs to be explained?


    Mad Magazine
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  • Whatevers answered 2 years ago
    Your post makes so little sense, it obviously must be the fault of the CIA mind control rays.
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  • SayAgain answered 2 years ago
    God forbid we all are forced to go to a library to find stuff out or get off our a$$es and leave the household and maybe get some much needed exercise.
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  • Homey Don't Play Dat! answered 2 years ago
    There were other ways to get porn before Al Gore invented the internets.
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  • wtinc answered 2 years ago
    What better way to put people back in front of the AP to be miss lead to win an election.
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