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On skateboard barrings do you want the ABEC to be high or low?

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    The ABEC scale is an industry accepted standard for the tolerances of a ball bearing. There are only 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 on the scale.

    An ABEC bearing only means they've been measured on that scale. Bones Bearing for instance are not so they arn't any ABEC.

    All skate bearings have 7 Ball Bearings in them.

    As for what you want it doesn't matter. Some ABEC 3s are better then some ABEC 7s etc. So it depends on the brand of them.

    I'd suggest getting Boned Reds. They are very fast and very strong.

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    High. Abec refers to how many balls are in the bearing I believe. 7 is about your best. But I think they make 11-12 as well. A good bearing is red bones

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