What is the purpose of an after funeral collation?

I mean, you go to a funeral and mourn and then go back to someones house or something and eat food and mingle. I just dont understand the point. It couldnt necessarily mean to get together with everyone because you already did at the funeral and its not exactly the happiest reunion occasion. Besides noone has fun at a collation because they are all still drying their tears.

So whats the real purpose?

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  • Jody
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    8 years ago
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    Collation means "to bring together" or "a light meal," and it is a further attempt at remembering the deceased, closure for family and friends, and dispelling grief after the funeral gathering.

    People will laugh, cry, argue, get angry or just feel numb, but the gathering may ease suffering of the loved ones of the deceased.

    People who come to the reception show love and respect for the deceased person's loved ones by offering comfort and companionship. Memories of this celebration can lift spirits and ease loneliness and grief in the bleak months that follow.

    Food and eating is a celebration of life, food is life sustaining - quite the opposite of death. the loved one is gone, but people left behind have to find a way to go on. Eating is one symbol of continued life, nourishment, sustaining oneself.

    II suppose the only thing worse than having to go through the collation, is not going through it.

  • Leo D
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    8 years ago

    The after-gathering allows people to reconnect who haven't seen each other in awhile.

    It's a chance to tell old stories and remember bygone days. It can be sad and fun and funny and very celebratory.

    All cultures do this. It's a way to honor life.

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