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can anybody help with geometry?

i have some of the answers but i am very unsure if they are even close to being right. thank you!

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  • Sue
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    8 years ago
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    The focus on your photos sucks.

    There are too many separate problems

    I used a magnifier to read the fuzzy numbers in pic #1

    Arcs measure the same as their central angles.

    angle CEN=65

    angle AEM= 66..........180 -(66 + 65) = 49 half a circle = 180

    angle AEC = 49

    angle BEN = 66..........vertical angles are congruent

    angle BEM = 114.......vertical angles are congruent(65 + 49)

    I will let you find those arcs.

    Second pic had 3 problems each with multiple parts, so you

    are on your own.

    Follow ideas from 1st pic for #1 and #3, central angles = arcs

    Hint #2:

    r^2 + 11^2 = (r + 8)^2

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  • 8 years ago

    Sorry that looks like Hieroglyphics to me lol

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