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Garage door is splitting in half & other one wont close all the way at it landlords legal obligation?

When we rented this house at 1000 a month, we offered the landlord an extra 500 deposit to change the garage doors. Now, 8 months later, they are still not changed. On one, the track broke and now won't close all the way at the top. On the other, the door is splitting in half. It takes 2 of us to open a door. This is where we have to store our riding lawnmower and everything. I want the use of the door on our 1000 a month house. Is it his legal obligation to change these? By the way, we live in NC.



we offered the extra 500 because he had no intentions of changing them and we have the option to buy the house later and that is a way to make a needed repair beforehand and have use of them. but now we are getting very irritated with this and are just wondering if he should have changed them regardless.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Landlords obligations vary by state, and there are ones involving security which might be an issue if the garage is attached to the house and could be used as a means of entrance by an intruder.

    But remember, the law is only there when two reasonable parties can't agree on something. You need to get your landlord's attention and find out why he's not performing the necessary repairs. I thhink the best you could hope for legally is just to legally break your lease and move out. So that is a threat you can use if your landlord remains unreasonable. That's another reason to talk to him. If you get to know why he's not making the repairs and discover that he's just cheap and doesn't take you seroiusly, then you SHOULD break your lease however you legally can and get the heck out of there. You don't want a landlord like that in a crisis.

    I don't understand why you woul put down an extra deposit in order to gaurantee a repair, it doesn't make sense. Couldn't you just ask for the 500 back since he's not made the promised repair?

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  • Charon
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    You need a lawyer. You have rights as a renter, but will probably keeping getting crapped on as long as you try to do it yourself. You have lost effective use of part of the house but still have to pay full price. See a lawyer.

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  • Meagan
    Lv 4
    7 years ago

    id say yes, anything like the doors, sinks plumbing heat and air they should be responsible for. depends on the contract to but i know im in NC and if our pipe busts or our door messes up or our dryer or anything he takes care of it and my dad being a carpenter always said its the landlords place unless its something U MESS UP OR BREAk, accidents and general things like leaks ect u should not be liable for. its THEIR HOUSE, ur borrowing, ya kno? goodday and Godbless

    Source(s): dads a carpenter
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