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wing chun little idea form?

where can i find a video on the traditional wing chun little idea form. all the vids i see are from the modified and im studying the traditional wing chun style and my teacher thinks its best if i learn the form off by heart. so if uve seen any vids on the traditional "little idea" form that will help. try not to give me a modified one.

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    What is the "traditional" Siu Nim Tao? You can find a video of Yip Man doing SNT on youtube, but other, non-Yip Man lineages use a SNT with different emphasis, or order, or even movements. I think you'd be hard-pressed to define (and subsequently find) a "traditional" little idea form.

    However, every variation of SNT should instill the core principles of Wing Chun -- centerline theory, low and heavy elbows, rooting and posture, and force generation from the elbows (not waist or shoulder). Consequently, you should be learning the first form from your teacher, and not from a video, who can correct your mistakes on the spot.

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  • Darren
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    8 years ago

    Major Major is correct, Sil Lim Tao forms the foundation for your Wing Chun training. It's better to learn from a qualified instructor, and not from videos on the net.

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