Don't I deserve better than this sh%t???!?

Ok so me and my ex is getting back together and takeing things slow at least that's what I thought untill some weeks ago when I barely was hearing from him and seeing him I didn't see him for 4 weeks!!..because lately he said he was stressed out from school and work so i decided to give him some space but everytime I asked him can we hangout he said idk and eventhough I did see him last week the only reason I did is because I put in the efort and he said we can only hangout for a lil bit because he was goin out that night....and here we are 4 days later and I don't here nothing from him Im not normally the snooping type but I do like to check on him every now and then so I looked on his twitter and some girl said I owe you hellla Beth time (Beth is her name) and he says back you damn right you do..should I be worried about this???

Am I over reacting?? It's funny how he can say he misses me but doesn't put in any efort to actually see me I eventually texted him and ask him were do we stand and he said I'm sorry,Im still interested in you I just been fast forward to yesterday and his sis asked me to ask him if he wanted to hang with us he said ok koo and told me when I finish Geting ready to call him so he can pick me up,why when I called him he was like oh I'm high right now idk if I could pick you up I was like wtf why would you get high before comeing to pick me up and not even give me the heads up so I had to get on the bus and to top it all off when I got there his sis wasn't there yet so we just sat in his car for an hour and he said she betta hurry up cuz I'm goin out tonight I'm thinking like wtf really!!! It's not the fact That he was going out its the fact that he hasnt spent time with me in Hela long and he didn't even give me the heads up when I called him earlier that day he's acting Hela inconsiderate!!!...what should I do????

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  • 8 years ago
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    reduce contact with him. If a man wants to be with you he will make it happen. you deserve better than a guy who toys with your emotions. If he's flirting with other girls it means that he knows he has you wrapped around his finger. Show some independence and that you will be fine without him. just be confident in yourself and move on.

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