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How much does it cost to build an arena?

What is the price of building a horse riding arena.

It would be about 20x40m. or is that to small? and sand. is that the cheapest?

Thanks xxx

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    20 x 40 metres is not that big... unless you are just doing

    flatwork and Dressage things, then it is not a big deal.

    however, if you want to run barrels and do jumps, you won't

    have much room for proper set ups. I would go for a 25 x 50

    at the least and if you have room.


    - proper foundation that drains (usually a combination of dirt + rocks)

    - fencing

    - footing

    - labor

    - rental of machinery

    usually arenas (outdoor) are 10,000-20,000$ if you want it

    done right and to last. if you want an indoor ring, you have

    to consider wanting a true steel wall indoor ring or something

    like Coverall.


    sand or a fine crusher dust is usually the best. if you have

    an indoor ring, you need to water it frequently all year long.

    if outdoor, you still should water it once a week during the

    summer months. sand is usually quite inexpensive. if you

    have a harrow to keep mulching it around, then you'll have

    great footing for a long time.

  • Snezzy
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    8 years ago

    About twice to thrice what you had expected to pay.

    The initial preparation is the big part. Plan carefully, and if you find yourself thinking about "cheapest" with regard to any aspect, ask yourself who is trying to cheat you out of a good arena.

    One of the best studies you can do beforehand is to visit three or four arenas that you admire, and ask the owners how they were built, who they hired, and what they would do differently. You would not be amiss to consult the managers of the facilities around Rotten Row in London.

  • Nancy
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    4 years ago

    Depends. Ours cost approx. $90K to build. The really big fancy ones run up into six figures not including footing. For an indoor to be big enough for an entire course, you're looking at at least $100K, most likely more. They have those white coverall indoors which are cheaper, but I don't know by how much. If you want to build the barn you're looking at several hundred thousand dollars for the entire set up.

  • Janian
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    8 years ago

    In the UK, to build a 20x40m outdoor school you would be looking at £40,000.

    You can get it done cheaper, but it would be liable to flood, churn up etc and could be dangerous for riding in.

    Most of the price is for the drainage and membranes to be put in properly. However it only takes around 7 days to complete.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I like how you want to build an arena, yet you're fretting over the cost of the flooring material... Arenas are expensive. You can't afford them on your dad's welfare cheques.

    You're just some bored little kid with nothing better to do than troll people for attention.

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