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Is this a good Pokemon Black team?

So is this a good Pokemon Black team both in-game and wifi battles.

Lv. 71 Scizor Adamant Nature


HP- 204

Attack- 281

Defense- 169

SpA- 59

SpD- 181

Speed- 120

Lv. 67 Gliscor Impish Nature

Hyper Cutter

Att- 180

Def- 220

SpA- 50

SpD- 123

Spe - 177

Ice Fang

Thunder Fang


Stone Edge

Lv. 71 Dragonite Naughty Natu

Inner Focus

HP- 230

Att - 244

Def - 168

SpA- 166

SpD- 153

Spe - 138




Aqua Tail

Lv. 74 Metagross Brave Nature

Clear Body

Hp - 248

Attack - 281

Def - 220

SpA - 160

SpD - 150

Spe - 130

Meteor Mash

Zen Headbutt


Hammer Arm

Lv. 77 Tyranitar Naive Nature

HP - 277

Attack - 246

Def - 192

SpA - 183

SpD- 156

Spe -144

ice Beam

Stone Edge



Espeon Modest Nature

(Still working on stats going for 252 Spe EV and 252 Hp)


Hp Fire

Shadow Ball

Calm Mind

Is this a good team? Can somene give me any suggestions to make it better?


Oh yea Scizor's moves are X-Scissor, Bullet Punch, Brick Break, and Aerial Ace.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I suck at team building so I'll just go by the Pokemon. Ideal CB set for Scizor would be Bullet Punch, Superpower, U-Turn and Pursuit. Quick Attack can be used instead of Pursuit for better coverage. Gliscor is OK, Sub out Thunder Fang for Swords Dance because Gliscor lacks a bit in Att. Dragonite's nature is all wrong but the moves are okay, I prefer to have Extremespeed and Roost on mine. Same with Metagross, good moves but bad nature. Tyranitar is okay outside of the nature imo, I prefer pursuit instead of Ice Beam. Espeon will be okay. Nature is usually Timid but Modest will work fine. All in all the Pokemon themselves are okay but how they'll work as a team I've no idea. Could use another Special Attacker and some entry hazards, maybe teach Tyranitar Stealth Rock.

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