Intel i7 3770k Ivy Bridge Motherboards?

Hey guys im going to be making a new computer in a couple of weeks but i have been waiting for the Ivy bridge for about 6 months now. Im pretty set on most of my parts but im not 100% what motherboard to get. Is there any Motherboards out there that support the Ivy Bridge with Triple Channel memory?

I know quite a bit in some areas but when it comes to processors and **** im pretty useless haha.

Also if someone could explain to me exactly why the Ivy Bridge is better than the Sandy Bridge in simple english that would be much appreciated


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  • Golub
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    8 years ago
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    Ivy Bridge is supposed to be coming out today. Im getting one too!

    What you wanna look for is a Z77 motherboard. I got this one:

    Basically the two main features you get is PCIE 3.0 and USB 3.0 native support. PCIE 3.0 is a future investment. But it only works if you purchase the Z77 motherboard in conjunction with the Ivy Bridge Processor. Putting a Sandy Bridge CPU into the Z77 mobo wont give you any extra features.

    None of the GPUs can utilize PCIE 3.0 to its full potential as of this moment (unless youre getting an SLI gtx 680 or Crossfire Radeon 7970 setup ) Video Cards that are under 3GB have yet to fully synthesize PCIE 2.0 but in the next year PCIE 3.0 will become the industry standard. Not to mention Ivy Bridge will perform ~%7% than its Sandy Bridge counterpart and will have better IGP (HD 4000)

    Oh also the Z77 motherboards run at 1600 clock speed so if youre buying DDR3 1600 RAM you wont have to adjust the BIOS settings to have it running at full speed

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  • Dan
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    8 years ago

    Came out today!

    "Intel launched its highly-anticipated 22-nanometer Ivy Bridge processors today. However, while the initial launch of quad-core processors in the Core i5 and Core i7 families for desktop and full-sized laptops will start immediately, dual-core chips and low-power chips for thin, ultrabook-style computers won't be available until later this spring, the company revealed. Ivy Bridge marks the shift from 32-nanometer to 22-nanometer transistor technology, with the smaller size bringing enhanced efficiency and more computational power — "about 20 percent more processor performance using 20 percent less average power," Intel's PC business chief Kirk Skaugen told the BBC. The new chips also feature "3D" Tri-Gate transistors that add vertical silicon fins to reduce energy leakage. While the launch of Intel's new processors has seen some delays related to the new 22-nanometer manufacturing process, the company is hoping to make more of the chips available right at launch, with 50 percent more units available in the first six months after launch than with last year's rollout of the Sandy Bridge architecture.

    P.S, motherboards and chipset are already out 3 weeks, look for socket 1155.

    In plain English: its thinner and smaller, so you can have million more transistors, and those transistor are tri-gate, which will enable QUAD CHANEL memory.

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  • 4 years ago

    There are no panther-point chipset motherboards yet so the answer would be as of now: there is none. the current chipset will not be able to utilize Ivy bridge properly and there will be all sorts of issues so I would suggest waiting and looking into the new ones that will come around late April this year. Ivy bridge itself is making its debut on the 29th of April.

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