who owns our national parks?

I posted this question before stating the UN owns them since G bushwacker gave them away to the UN Under the guise of UNESCO. Now you can go to the link provided or go to any search engine and look this up. While the UN maintains that Americans still own the national parks and its still paid for its upkeep using our tax dollars, however........ the UN has shut down many of them or 70 percent of them where humans now are no longer allowed to go. They have been quoted as saying our national parks belong to the people of the WHOLE world (who don't pay for their up keep with their tax dollars) except there's a fly in that ointment, they people of the world are not allowed in our national parks and neither or we. So what use is the UN statement to say these world heritage places belong to people only people are considered too vile to step on them? Does anyone understand the typical political double talk of lies lies lies and more lies. If we pay for them but we can' tsee them, can't stand on them can't utilize them yet its in OUR DAMN COUNTRY and they belong to the entire world only how can you make that statement UN and claim none of us can touch them? ARE YOU INSANE you bloody piles of animal feces? When I asked this question before I recieved 40 answers, all stupid of course from the illiterate who don 't know how to type in these words into a search engine BEFORE answering a question and was called a liar by all 40 of them proving the IQ of those who read this web site as far below first graders apparently. TYPE IN A SEARCH: WHO OWNS OUR NATIONAL PARKS and I hope you go to multiple web sites and get the FULL picture of why we don't own them, why george bush has given away millions of acres set up by Teddy Roosevelt to always BELONG TO AMERICANS only for all time and illegally signed over all ownership to the UN who pays not a penny of tax in this country and never has. Starts all these wars, sends americans to die in countries that do n ot affect us which is against our constitution and makes US taxpayers pay for wars that interest ONLY the UN who does not rule this country or do they? Does anyone know why our politicians are their puppets and why we pay and pay and pay for these we are not allowed to touch. Why is there and FBI, CIA, secret service, NSA and why is it they work for us but we are allowed less than 1 percent of any truth in America. Why are our lands being secretly signed away and our right (NDAA/patriot act) in America and why do we pay for every single war on the planet earth. If you yuppie middle class think you are over taxed, when do you get off your rears and tell the white house what you think about paying for all these wars the UN who does NOT RULE ALL OF AMERICA, WE DID NOT ELECT THEM, ASK FOR THEM NOR WANT THEM ON THE PLANET CUZ WAR IS N OT PEACE AND PEACE IS THEIR OBJECTIVE OR SO THEY CLAIM YET THEY CAN'T STAY OUT OF NON STOP WARS AND WE CAN'T MAKE THEM QUIT CHARGING AMERICANS TO PAY FOR THOSE WARS. ANYBODY AWAKE OUT THERE IS THE REAL QUESTION. Ask any national park guard what he personally thinks about the UN owning our parks and get an earful and a half about what he/she thinks about that. not much of a park if you can't see it, show it to your kids after a lifetime of paying for its upkeep so your kids could see it. What use is sacred land to anyone if not to educate your own children if its nothing but a future battlefield for the UN to hide in apparently. Want to know where the bunkers are well check under the carpet of the off limits portions of our national parks we aren't allowed in for some oddly secretive reason while they doubletalk their way into saying the whole world owns those parks now, yet none of the world is allowed there. Just send in those tax dollars and keep doing that and never voice your opinion and what will be left for your children? slavery honey, full blown slavery. You government paid trolls can skip commenting in this room, we know who you are and no longer care what you threaten either so go play with a prostitute on your next trip to columbia instead.

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    Fed govt. I didn't read any of your rant.

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    sure, there is very like that , that maximum individuals arent even conscious of. PPL, we could open our eyes and notice with religious eyesight, and hear with our religious listening to to renowned what is going on around us. ITs okay to renowned such issues, to renowned what to wish approximately. Our rights are being taken away so quickly, one by one, changing the form even, so as that at some point, we awaken and there wont be one. yet, we dont concern, we have confidence in the Lord to end what He has all started, and all this could provide up and Jesus will reign lower back purely stand employer on the word of God, save praying and residing Gods truths besides as speaking them, go away all of it to God and purely understand that He keeps all of His delivers, and at some point all the YUK of the devil will come to an end. Paradise in HEaven awaits people who're quite Gods, people who lvoe Him adequate to obey Him, and wait on the quickly return of Jesus Christ. thank you for asking and informing the ppl.

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    Read UN Agenda 21/Sustainable development. Eventually there will be no property ownership in this country. People will be moved to specific areas to live in high rise apartments and most of the US will be off limits to humans. They even have it mapped out.


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    You failed to put your source so your words are hollow and come across as false prophet bull.

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    Govt. or City corporations

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    Moron...the national parks are maintained by the Federal government and owned by the taxpayers. effin troll!

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      troll killer ? hahahahahaha you couldn't kill a retarded fly lol troll killer, we should just call you Moron

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