College Advice! Should I go to University of Iowa or Purdue next fall?

Decision time is coming up and pressure is building! I'm having a really hard time picking a school, I live near Chicago, so both are out of state tuition and I want to major in some sort of engineering and minor in music too and somehow combine the two, so perhaps acoustical engineering. Any advice you guys can offer would be great, thanks.Here are the pros and cons.

Iowa Pros

-96% job placement rate for the college of engineering grads

-Entered straight into the engineering program

-Iowa City, rated the best college town in the midwest

-$2,646 cheaper than Purdue (considerable amount over 4 years)

-Lots of friends attending here (study groups)

-Bus service that goes 3.5 hours straight to my hometown

-I can fly to the Iowa City airport from home for free

-VERY large chicago suburbs population attending, meaning good job outlook in the chicago area after graduation.

-Strong music program I can minor in

Iowa Cons

-Not as well known for their engineering program

-Overall, not as good of a school and PU

-Nothing related to Sound or Acoustical engineering offered

Purdue Pros

-Very well known Engineering Program, 98% job placement rates for engineers

-My brother graduated from here (family pressures)

-Admitted into the Undecided studies program which helps freshman decide exactly what they want to major in and in what school. (My brother says this program is phenomenal and students still graduate on time mostly)

-Offers Acoustic Engineering as a major which I'm considering going into

-Strong job recruitment from the Chicago area

Purdue Cons

-Poor college town (West Lafayette is very lame)

-Large Greek life ( I heard from a variety of people that it's difficult to make friends unless you are in a frat, which I'm not interested in, although my bro says that's not true)

-No friends attending here, so I'd have to get a random roommate (I'm nervous about not knowing anyone right away, even though I know I will meet people)

-No music school, however a minor in music is still possible ( the classes are very basic and not as in depth as Iowas)

-Not a very balanced school, it's very largely engineering based and most students are engineering majors (62% male)

-I didn't like the campus as much as Iowas or the atmosphere of the school, nearly as much. The personality didn't appeal to me the way Iowa did.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this, I really appreciate any and all advice you have to offer!


Haha I don't care about sports! It's the big 10 they all have good sports. And yes you are right my gut instinct is telling me Iowa. The biggest reason I'm unsure is because acoustic engineering isn't offered there.

3 Answers

  • Duke
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    Iowa has better sports.

  • PoBoy
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    After reading all that, you essentially told me you want to go to Iowa. So go.

  • Lynn
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    you asked this already. go to iowa

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