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Your NFL ultimate team?


Quarterback-Drew Bree's

Fullback-Vontae Leach

Running back-Adrian Peterson

Wide receivers-Calvin Johnson/Victor Cruz

Tight End-Jimmy Graham

OL-Saints OL


Dt-Ndumakoungh Suh

DE-Jason-Pierre Paul

DE-Jared Allen

Outside Linebacker's-James Harrison/Aldon Smith

Middle Linebackers-Pattrick Willis/NaVarro Bowman

Corners-Darrel Revis/Charles Woodson

SS-Troy Polamalu

FS-Ed Reed

This would be my ultimate team

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    QB: Aaron Rodgers

    LT: Joe Thomas

    LG: Carl Nicks

    C: Chris Myers

    RG: Jahri Evans

    RT: Bryan Bulaga

    FB: Vonta Leach

    RB: Maurice Jones-Drew

    WR1: Calvin Johnson

    WR2: Larry Fitzgerald

    TE: Rob Gronkowski

    *Pass-catching RB: Darren Sproles

    *WR3: Andre Johnson

    *Pass-catching TE: Jimmy Graham


    DE: Jason Pierre-Paul

    DT: Haloti Ngata

    DT: Richard Seymour

    DE: Justin Smith

    OLB: DeMarcus Ware

    MLB: Patrick Willis

    OLB: Clay Matthews

    FS: Eric Weddle

    SS: George Wilson

    CB1: Darrelle Revis

    CB2: Charles Woodson

    *NT: Vince Wilfork

    *ILB: NaVarro Bowman

    *Nickel CB: Joe Haden

    Special Teams:

    K: Sebastian Janikowski

    P: Andy Lee

    Return man: Patrick Peterson

    *denotes personnel rotation

    There are a few minor errors you have in your lineup:

    1. Adrian Peterson is recovering from a serious ACL tear.

    2. Graham isn't much of a pass blocker.

    3. The Saints have a very talented offensive line, but you can create a better one on a player-per-player basis.

    4. Aldon Smith is a pure pass rusher (so far as we've seen); there are other OLB's that offer equivalent pass rush ability as well as great tackling and coverage ability.

    5. Ed Reed's coverage skills are a bit unnecessary with your corners, but his inability to tackle could become problematic.

    Major errors:

    1. Victor Cruz is a bit mistake prone, but ultimately you lack a good route-running slot guy.

    2. Ndamukong Suh is absolutely horrible as a nose tackle which is where you have him positioned.

    3. Special teams?

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  • staves
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    Eagles because of the fact whilst they play no longer difficulty-free they demolish every1 protection yet whilst have been talkin all time could trust 1972 dolphins unstoppable completely crushed every1 for them Offense maximum dominate team of all time 2d 1991 eagles if cunningham wasn't injured protection there too

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  • 8 years ago

    QB-Joe Montana or Dan Marino

    FB-Jim Brown

    RB-Barry Sanders/Walter Payton or Tony Dorsett

    WR-Jerry Rice and Lynn Swann

    TE-Anthony Gonzalez or Kellen Winslow Sr.

    OL-early 90's Cowboys line

    Front 4-70's Steelers line

    OLB-Bobby Bell

    MLB-Mike Singletary or Ray Lewis

    OLB-Lawrence Taylor

    DB-Mel Blount/Lester Hayes or Nighttrain Lane

    SS/FS-Ronnie Lott and Steve Atwater

    Your list isn't EVEN close.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Your list should be the 2nd team,

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