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To be on an u16 hockey team, can you be 16 or do you have to be 15 or under?

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    If I remember rightly, it depends on the date of birth, rather than age.

    So, if the cut-off date is, say, 1/1/xxxx, then someone under 16 on 1/1/xxxx qualifies, even if their birthday is on the second of January.

    If the cut-off date is Aug 31, then someone under 16 on Aug 31 is eligible, even if their 16th birthday is Sept 1.

    So, yes, for an under-16 team, someone can be 16. It's a bit unfair, since if someone's birthday is the day of the cut-off date at 11:30 pm, and their twin was born on the day after (say an hour later), the twin would be eligible, but the other wouldn't be.

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    it is based on your birth year. Not your actual birthdate. USA Hockey, (Link below) says for last season, to be U16 your birth year had to be less then 1995. So next season, it will be 1996. You can be younger if you are good enough but most of the U16 will be 1996 or 1997.

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    In minnesota it all depends on the year you were born. I got invited to play on a select 15 team (top players in the district) and I'm only 14 its the year i was born in that mattered because i was born in 1997 and those are kids who are 15 and 14. So it all depends on the year you were born

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