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The Voice: 2 part question?

Question 1: I feel like Erin Willett is using her father's death for sympathy votes. I won't deny that she has an awesome voice, and I'm not happy her father died. However, she brings it up so much that she wants to win for him where, for me, it gets kind of like "Well, okay, then stop talking about it and do it." And it really bothered me that right before the battle rounds she told Blake that her father died and I feel like it might have been to influence his decision, which I feel is playing dirty. What do you think?

Question 2: I've noticed that some contestants already have record deals, but had them before going on The Voice. An example would be Angel Taylor. I knew I had remembered her way before she became a contestant, so I looked her up and found out she had already had a record deal. And I also feel Jermaine Paul shouldn't have been allowed to compete because he worked with Alicia Keys and maybe couldve worked something out with her record label. I feel like he took the spot of someone who needed to be on that who more than he did. In conclusion, I don't feel that people with record deals before the show should be allowed to compete. Your thoughts?

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  • Larry
    Lv 4
    9 years ago
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    I agree with part 1.

    Question 2 bothered me last year when I started finding they all had albums on Amazon. Some were really poorly produced and low budget though. Some were parts of other bands. I guess if they all have the same opportunity it doesn't matter much.

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