Since the dictatorship and media are committing fraud against Dr Paul, will there be a real revolution here?

If you look at the crowds of people at Ron Paul's speeches, watch the videos of delegate fraud on youtube, pay attention to how the Media are pretending that Ron Paul is not running for President, or they play him off as "crazy" and an "isolationist," it's obvious that there is a strong bias against Ron Paul.

The People are tired of being propagandized, we are tired of being lied to, we are tired of the endless wars, we are tired of the Government borrowing money on our backs. Our Government has made us all slaves, and there seems to be a lot of people who are content with being a slave.

If Mitt Romney or Barack Obama become President this year, expect a War with Iran, 20 Trillion Dollars in National Debt, more control of your lives and more unconstitutional laws being passed.

Ron Paul or No One At All! 2012 - 2020

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    9 years ago
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    Seven, you are an idiot. Paul doesn't endorse a gold standard. Please re-edit and try again.

    The media and GOP establishment IS committing fraud! Its nice to see that somebody noticed!

    YES! There will be. We are so sick of this sh][t. The Paul Campaign is documenting all of the fraud and is preparing a massive lawsuit to block the nominee from joining Paul and Obama on the trail. Too late for the party establishment, now. If any action is taken at the convention via the use of public police as private henchmen, there WILL be a very QUICK revolution. And the winner will NOT be the armored SWAT vehicle that we will swiftly disable...

    Of course, the GOP could avoid becoming obsolete altogether...IF they wanted to.

    Source(s): Probably pulled it out of my you-know-what. But anyone could know someone!
  • Gunny
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    9 years ago

    APPROXIMATELY--3 bags Full....

    Source(s): black sheep....
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Sorry, I don't vote for people who don't understand why a gold standard is compeltely ridiculous.

    Cause if you think about it, it becomes makes no sense. The value was always arbitrary!

    Oh also, congress is the body that declares war, and can do so without the approval of the president. That and everyone realizes ron paul is insane and has no idea how the world works. His insane followers make it even more obivous.

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