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what is a flying vfr?

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    VFR is Visual Flight Rules - where you can see straight ahead of you and visually locate the horizon, which is always nice if your artificial horizon fails you. It's used in clear weather - no fog or rain or snow obscuring your view.

    The opposite is IFR or Instrument Flight Rules, it's used in bad weather and usually means you can not visually locate the horizon through the windscreen. That is where you must rely on your instruments to tell you that you are flying level, because you can not actually see the horizon.

  • for people unrelated to flying, easiest answer is "flying in fair weather"

    it is flying in weather that is better than visibility of 5 kilometers and with constant visual contact with surface, [flying UNDER clouds or above them if there is less than 5/8 coverage].

    there are country specific additional rules for worse weather, such as minimum visibility 1.5kilometer for fixedwing and 800 meters visibility for helicopters.. yet these are to be applied where meeting other traffic is improbable.

    it's flying on a day YOU would go to a beach, or for a hike in mountains.

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    VFR stands for Visual flight rules..

    Basically means flying visually with reference to the natural horizon.. and navigation by ground features and maintaining visual separation from the ground or water at all times

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    VFR - Visual flight rules, used during clear weather with identifyable ground references

    IFR - Instrument flight rules, used during periods of reduced or total loss of visibility.

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    V- Vagina F-Fart R-Rash

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    Visual flight rules. Ever hear of Google?


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